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Video: Rare 1977 Interview of Bette Midler By The Lovely Ms. Dinah Shore

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Long, Long Ago: Divine, The Drag Superstar Vs The Divine Ms. M

Hits: 0Interview MagazineThat Time Bette Midler Read the Drag Superstar Divine for FilthBy Mitchell NugentPhotographed by…

Diane Keaton answers questions from her costars, friends, and admirers

Hits: 1Interview MagazineDiane Keaton Takes Questions from 25 Famous Friends and FansBy CHRISTOPHER BOLLENJune 22, 2021…

Video: Bette Midler Rhapsodizes About How She And Martin Met

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Video: Rosie’s First Gabfest With Bette Midler

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Cleaning Closets: 4 Excellent Audio Tracks From Miss M

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Hey Bitches! It’s Women’s Rock And Roll History Month! Check Out Lisa Robinson’s New Book, ‘Nobody Ever Asked Me About the Girls: Women, Music and Fame’

Hits: 0The CurrentRock And Roll Book ClubBy Jay GablerMarch 4, 2021 As Entertainment Weekly pointed out, the new…

Radio Interview With Bette Midler, Circa 1990

Hits: 0Bette Midler Hitline USA Radio Interview with Elvis Duran, 1990, Intro & “Night And Day”…

The untold truth of Bette Midler

Hits: 167Nikki SwiftThe untold truth of Bette MidlerBY DESIRÉE OJULY 6, 2020 Bette Midler is a singer…

Videos: 2 Interviews, 3 Videos – Bette Midler Talks To Johnny Carson And Phil Donahue About ‘Divine Madness’ and ‘View From A Broad’

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AFI Movie Club Celebrates, Rocky! What’s Bette got to do with it? And Sarandon? And Cher?

Hits: 77American Film MagazineAFI Movie Club: ROCKYBy The StaffMay 22, 2020 ROCKY is ranked on both AFI’s original…

Audio: Bette Midler chooses the Tracks of My Years from an interview first broadcast in 2008

Hits: 114Bette Midler chooses the Tracks of My Years in an archive interview first broadcast with…

Video: Walsh Interviews Midler – 1980 – Retry This For Sound Now!

Hits: 1So much of TV entertainment footage in the past has been wiped out, including ABC-TV’s…

Video: 1984 – Good Morning America – Art Or Bust – Bette Midler – Interview

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Video: Bette Midler GMA 1980

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Video: Bette Midler -BWBB/Impressions/Interview – Forsyth’s -1978

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Gay Pride: I Love This Exchange Between Bette Midler & Gay Activist Vito Russo, 1975 (Full Interview Included)

Hits: 17Back in 1975, on the eve of the Broadway premiere of Bette Midler’s Clams on the Half…


Hits: 2InterviewBETTE MIDLER’S WHOLE LIFE STORY!By Lisa RobinsonOctober 1972 The restaurant at the Algonquin Hotel, Andy…

Video: Bette Midler Talks To Charlie Rose 1999

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Video: The Roseanne Show with Bette Midler and Friends? – Complete

Hits: 20The Roseanne Show with Bette Midler and Friends Bette Midler discusses the Bill Clinton scandal,…

Radio: Rita Houston talks with Bette Midler, Sarah McLachlan and Aimee Mann, Monday, December 24, 2018

Hits: 6Omaha Public RadioJoin KIOS this Christmas for great stories and holiday music!  By TODD HATTON  December…

Video: Divine Madness – Bette Midler Interviewed On Nightmoves TV Show Australia By Jon Peters

Hits: 7 Bette Midler promotes her new movie, Divine Madness in Australia. She’s interviewed by Jon…

Bette Midler Makes A Cameo During A Michael Kors Interview – Video

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Video: 1978 Bette Midler Up Close Interview

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Bette Midler Taunts Donald Trump For Claiming Democrats Will Turn Violent After Midterms

Hits: 0 HuffPostBette Midler Taunts Donald Trump For Claiming Democrats Will Turn Violent After MidtermsBy Lee…