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Video: Bette Midler Rhapsodizes About How She And Martin Met

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Video: Rosie’s First Gabfest With Bette Midler

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Cleaning Closets: 4 Excellent Audio Tracks From Miss M

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Hey Bitches! It’s Women’s Rock And Roll History Month! Check Out Lisa Robinson’s New Book, ‘Nobody Ever Asked Me About the Girls: Women, Music and Fame’

The CurrentRock And Roll Book ClubBy Jay GablerMarch 4, 2021 As Entertainment Weekly pointed out, the new Billie…

Radio Interview With Bette Midler, Circa 1990

Bette Midler Hitline USA Radio Interview with Elvis Duran, 1990, Intro & “Night And Day” clip…

The untold truth of Bette Midler

Nikki SwiftThe untold truth of Bette MidlerBY DESIRÉE OJULY 6, 2020 Bette Midler is a singer who’s…

Videos: 2 Interviews, 3 Videos – Bette Midler Talks To Johnny Carson And Phil Donahue About ‘Divine Madness’ and ‘View From A Broad’

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AFI Movie Club Celebrates, Rocky! What’s Bette got to do with it? And Sarandon? And Cher?

American Film MagazineAFI Movie Club: ROCKYBy The StaffMay 22, 2020 ROCKY is ranked on both AFI’s original and…

Audio: Bette Midler chooses the Tracks of My Years from an interview first broadcast in 2008

Bette Midler chooses the Tracks of My Years in an archive interview first broadcast with Ken…

Video: Walsh Interviews Midler – 1980 – Retry This For Sound Now!

So much of TV entertainment footage in the past has been wiped out, including ABC-TV’s Countdown…

Video: 1984 – Good Morning America – Art Or Bust – Bette Midler – Interview

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Video: Bette Midler GMA 1980

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Video: Bette Midler -BWBB/Impressions/Interview – Forsyth’s -1978

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Gay Pride: I Love This Exchange Between Bette Midler & Gay Activist Vito Russo, 1975 (Full Interview Included)

Back in 1975, on the eve of the Broadway premiere of Bette Midler’s Clams on the Half Shell…


InterviewBETTE MIDLER’S WHOLE LIFE STORY!By Lisa RobinsonOctober 1972 The restaurant at the Algonquin Hotel, Andy Warhol…

Video: Bette Midler Talks To Charlie Rose 1999

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Video: The Roseanne Show with Bette Midler and Friends? – Complete

The Roseanne Show with Bette Midler and Friends Bette Midler discusses the Bill Clinton scandal, her…

Radio: Rita Houston talks with Bette Midler, Sarah McLachlan and Aimee Mann, Monday, December 24, 2018

Omaha Public RadioJoin KIOS this Christmas for great stories and holiday music!  By TODD HATTON  December 19,…

Video: Divine Madness – Bette Midler Interviewed On Nightmoves TV Show Australia By Jon Peters

Bette Midler promotes her new movie, Divine Madness in Australia. She’s interviewed by Jon Peters. I…

Bette Midler Makes A Cameo During A Michael Kors Interview – Video

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Video: 1978 Bette Midler Up Close Interview

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Bette Midler Taunts Donald Trump For Claiming Democrats Will Turn Violent After Midterms

HuffPostBette Midler Taunts Donald Trump For Claiming Democrats Will Turn Violent After MidtermsBy Lee Moran08/31/2018 06:06…