Bette Midler & Sophie von Haselberg at The Met 2019 in Photos & Video

Bette Midler Gives Us Hocus Pocus Vibes on Met Gala Red Carpet
May. 6, 2019 6:05 PM

Supposedly Bette Midler channels Hocus Pocus in Met Gala 2019  costume
Supposedly Bette Midler channels Hocus Pocus in Met Gala 2019 costume

Mister D: Well my interpretation of Bette and Sophie’s costume was way off, but much campier than Michael Kor’s vision. In reality, Bette was supposed to be a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY and Sophie, an actual CAMPFIRE. My version, that came in a split second, as they were bookends to Bette’s career. Yes, heavy!

Bette Midler is throwing it back to her witchy Hocus Pocus days.

There’s nothing more “camp” than the singer’s character from the iconic Disney movie. Her curly locks, zany top-hat and glittering black dress has fans of the movie gasping with joy at the sight of her Winifred Sanderson look. A sprinkle of blue and green butterflies fluttered on Bette’s floor-length gown, which was made of black glitter.

Her daughter Sophie Von Haselberg got in on the action, too, with her fiery orange look. Flames flickered from the bottom of Sophie’s dress, which was perfectly accented by a yellow and orange feathered headdress. Together, the duo made for quite the pair on the pink carpet.

The actress’ appearance on the carpet is very welcome considering that Bette is cited as one of the celebs who epitomizes the “Camp” theme.

In 2016, the Beaches star made quite the appearance with her shimmering black and silver dress, which was styled by Marc Jacobs.

Let’s Dance — To Cher!

Bette and Sophie dance to Cher’s “Believe”

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