Reba Talks New Album, Bette Midler, Mountain Oysters, and Broadway

‘Reba’ Reboot Possibility
by Rebecca Schiller

Bette Midler and Reba Backstage at Hello Dolly!
Bette midler and reba backstage at hello dolly

Reba McEntire sat down with Billboard to play “Fishing For Answers,” as she discussed her experience being on Broadway, her love of corn dogs, whether or not she would ever consider rebooting Reba, her new album Stronger Than the Truth, and much more.

Asked if she would ever consider returning to Broadway, McEntire tells Billboard that she would love to and that it would be “most fun,” calling her time being in Annie Get Your Gun in 2001 the hardest work she ever did.

The singer also chats about her fondness of corn dogs. Posed with the question of where her love of the treats on a stick came from, she replies with a big smile, “I can’t remember that far back. I’ve always loved corn dogs.”

When prompted with the question of what the most country thing she has ever done has been, McEntire says that it is eating mountain oysters. “You know what mountain oysters are?” she asks. “Well, Daddy would get cattle in the spring, sell ’em in the fall. They came in as bulls and left as steers, need I say more?”

As for whether or not fans can ever expect a reboot of the country star’s sitcom Reba, she admits that she would love it if that could happen and that it would be a lot of fun. “We worked on that for a long time, didn’t ever come together,” she adds.

Speaking of dream collaborations, McEntire lists Dolly Parton, Bette Midler, and Kevin Costner as some names on her wish list. She also opens up about her latest record Stronger Than the Truth, noting that it was inspired by “great songs.”

“Kudos to the songwriters and publishers,” she says. “Thank y’all very much for letting me sing your songs. I wanted it to be a stone-cold country album, that’s what we got.”

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