Martin Von Haselberg Makes 2019's International Best Dressed List

Martin Von Haselberg Makes 2019’s International Best Dressed List

Martin Von Haselberg Makes 2019’s International Best Dressed List

Over the weekend, Airmail published the 2019 International Best-Dressed list. A number of red-carpet staples were given the honor of being most fashionable, including Cate Blanchett, Janelle Monáe, Zoë Kravitz, and Harry Styles.

The International Best-Dressed List has come a long way since its inception, in 1940, when founder Eleanor Lambert mailed out hand-cranked mimeographed ballots to 50 voters, and then notified the 10 winners (all American women) via Western Union telegram. For 2019, we canvassed thousands of AIR MAIL readers through an interactive polling system, created just for the I.B.D.L. Our far-flung participants were enthusiastic, especially when it came to their write-in candidates, many of whom were endorsed with ardent explanatory notes.

Reflecting the international readership of AIR MAIL, the 30 honorees of 2019 represent 16 different countries, making this year’s List the most global to date. Our honorees also come from a range of professions; among those named to the List are entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, a writer, an artist, and assorted fashion-world denizens. We also have an abundance of first-timers, some quite young (Elle Fanning), who showed unusual sophistication this year, and others (Ralph Fiennes) seasoned masters of their craft. Cate Blanchett, a front-runner in the Women’s category of the International Best-Dressed Poll, landed on the list for the fourth time, potentially putting her on track for the Hall of Fame—to which station five-time winner Queen Letizia of Spain rose, along with the imperial Valentino. (The rule of thumb for Hall of Fame eligibility is a minimum of three appearances on the list0, though there are notable exceptions.)


Cate Blanchett (Australia, U.S.)
Inés Domecq, Marquesa de Almenara (Spain)
Elle Fanning (U.S.)
Rachel Feinstein (U.S.)
Zoë Kravitz (U.S.)
Janelle Monáe (U.S.)
Tracee Ellis Ross (U.S.)
Lady Kitty Spencer (U.K.)
Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand
Phoebe Waller-Bridge (U.K.)


Bette Midler with husband, Martin Von Haselberg
Bette Midler with husband, Martin Von Haselberg

Roger Federer (Switzerland)
Ralph Fiennes (U.K.)
Lebron James (U.S.)
Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand (France)
Ivan Pun (Myanmar, Hong Kong)
Vito Schnabel (U.S.)
0 (U.K.)
Prince Carl Philip of Sweden
Martin von Haselberg (U.S., Argentina)
The Duke of Westminster (U.K.)


Jean-Christophe Bonaparte and Countess Olympia von Arco-Zinneberg (France, U.K., Germany)
Amal and George Clooney (U.S., U.K., Italy)
Ginevra Elkann and Giovanni Gaetani Dell’Aquila D’Aragona (Italy)

Fashion Professionals

Catherine Baba (Australia, France)
Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert (Sweden, Italy)
Bianca Brandolini D’Adda (Italy, U.S.)
Thom Browne (U.S.)
Tone Goodman (U.S.)
Aurora James (U.S., Canada)
Saloni Lodha (India, U.K.)
Hikari Mori (Japan)
Zac Posen (U.S.)
Geoffroy van Raemdonck (Belgium, U.S.)

Hall of Fame

H.M. Queen Letizia of Spain

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3 thoughts on “Martin Von Haselberg Makes 2019's International Best Dressed List

  1. Very proud of Martin for making the list–and one of only a few within the U.S. I remember chatting with Martin for about 20 minutes, back stage, after one of Bette’s concerts. He was quite interesting and informative. At the time, he was reputed to be in the commodities broker/trading business, which intrigued me. While Bette was receiving most of the attention, I was quite honored that Martin was available and willing to converse. And of all things, about finance!

    From time to time, I could see Bette glance over at us, probably wondering “who the heck is my husband talking to–for so long?” Then, abruptly, Martin said, “I have to introduce you to Bette”, and he trotted me (and my friend) over and introduced us (although I had met Bette before) rather formally. Bette was incredibly gracious, as was Martin. The thing about Martin and Bette, is that they know how to make you feel special. It reminds of the famous Maya Angelou quote: “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel”

    .What a power couple!

    1. Well, they made me feel special. However, I’m intimidated by guys like Martin. I either clam up or jibber nonsense. Barry talked more to Martin and I talked with Bette after a KMB Radio City concert. She got mobbed when walking in the guest quarters, but while people were talking to her, she got on her tiptoes to raise her head above her guests and waved to me and Barry, The people swarming around her were industry types and she finally broke through and Martin was stuck with them. Bette sauntered over rolling her eyes in the back of her head like she couldn’t be bothered and did her little walk towards us, And that night she and I talked about her sleep apnea and watching old black and white movie musicals. Barry asked later why we were talking about personal stuff, and I said that’s how we girls roll. I didn’t know! All if our conversations veered towards the personal. I mean one night I saw the famous Midler temper tantrum. I was the source of it, but she was mad with her handlers from keeping something from her. I was her only guest, so it was the band, Bette, her assistant, and the director,. We must have talked for an hour about many things. I mentioned something I saw on CNN that she said and they mentioned what Rush Limbaugh said, She had no idea, Suddenly I found myself in the movie, The Rose,, I saw every emotion she had ever shown in movies, as she got to the bottom of who kept her ignorant of what was said, I mean, it was all over the papers, too. She kind of held onto my arms for comfort. Richard J Alexander said they were waiting for me to faint, but he said I have never seen someone calm her down as fast as you did. But he was right. I kept my cool, gave her perspective, and reminded her who the beloved one was. She made me repeat verbatim what Rush said and I did beg to not have to do that, but she made me look her in her eyes and she said I;m not mad at you. So I told her and then looked around the room at the horror on people’s faces. And I kind of thought this is so silly to be that afraid of pissing her off. She just wanted the truth, I calmed her down and I told her the remedy I had used on the site, And she started laughing and said, no you didn’t. I said yes I did. She said, I really like you. You’re honest, Then she yelled at Jill the same way she yelled at Connie in the series and made her give me her card, It had a phone number on it which I never used. Ran into Jill later on at the hotel and she hated me at first. She said how stupid are you to bring something like that? I said I guess the same kind of stupid one is to try to hide something that made national news and think they could get away with it. But from there, it didn’t take long to trust one another. But that was my favorite night ever.

  2. Sounds like an amazing, and personal evening. Thank you for sharing those memories. It must be difficult for Bette to stay above the fray of all the emotions, people (fans and industry types), and hustle and bustle of the moment, during a time of extreme popularity. I’m glad she related well to you, for being honest, as it can be so much easier for her to surround herself with people that simply tell her what she wants to hear. There is a genuineness and openness about both of you, which is what makes it all worthwhile, and gratifying. Continue to tell us more, Mister D, as these reflections provide insight that make these entries all the more interesting!

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