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Monday, November 5, 2018

Bette Midler Revealed Secrets Of Her Successful, 34-Year-Long Marriage To Martin Von Haselberg

Bette Midler Revealed Secrets Of Her Successful, 34-Year-Long Marriage To Martin Von Haselberg
November 3, 2018

Bette Midler and husband Martin

“Behind every great man there’s a great woman” is a familiar expression, but what about great men behind great women? This may sound silly, but it seems to be the case for Bette Midler, whose marriage to Martin von Haselberg didn’t kill her career – it helped her talent thrive.

A guide to a successful marriage, Bette-Midler style

In 1984, Bette Midler was an accomplished singer and actress when she met her almost-colleague, Martin von Haselberg, who was probably less well-known than her. The two immediately felt that they belonged together and tied the knot about six weeks after their first meeting. Their daughter, actress Sophie von Haselberg, arrived on November 14, 1986. Read More

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Monday, April 23, 2018

“K.O. Kippers” – Starring The Kipper Kids (with Martin von Haselberg, Bette Midler’s Husband)

Los Angeles Times
Kipper Kids Seek a K.O. on Cinemax

In photographs and in the cartoon logo that shows their heads back to back, with concave faces like twin images of men on the moon or safecrackers with three-day stubble on their stalk-like chins, it will always be Harry on the left. It will always be Harry on the right as well.

The Kipper Kids, the joint creation of Martin von Haselberg and Brian Routh, took their name from a British schoolboy chum who had a face like a fish. For a while, they were Harry and Alf, but they couldn’t remember who was who. Or whom was who. So they both became Harry. Read More

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Kipper Kids at The Kitchen – WCVA – MOCAtv – Age Restricted (Bette’s Husband Was One Of The Kipper Kids)

Harry and Harry Kipper, performance artists, stress the visual, the visceral, and the violent aspects of social rituals, with a feeling for the relationship between ordered social rituals and conventions and the festering violence that lies beneath the facade of mannered behavior. From silly but seriously performed rituals, the work progresses to ever more extreme actions.
Harry and Harry Kipper are portrayed by Brian Routh and Martin von Haselberg. Both artists attended E. 15 Drama School in London, and began performing together in 1971. Read More

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Friday, March 23, 2018

The Spirit Of 76: Filmed in 90’s Starring Martin von Haselberg, David Cassidy, Rob Reiner And More

World Film Geek
Posted on December 7, 2017
by worldfilmgeek
The Spirit Of 76

Get ready for a wild time travel ride into the decadent 70’s in this underrated comedy from some second generation filmmakers.

A magnetic storm has destroyed all points of history in the year 2176. The Ministry of Knowledge have revived the last person who knows the origins of United States history. Just before the man dies, the Ministry has learned about the birth of the United States on July 4, 1776. Determined to bring America back to what it was, the Ministry hires Heinz-57 and Chanel-6 to find Adam-11, who has developed a time machine so he can live his dream of going to “Ikiki” Beach. At first, Adam is not on par with the duo until they promise him the ingredient he needs to power up the machine, tetrahydrozaline. Read More

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bette Midler’s Family Has the Craziest Pool House: “It’s Like a Mullet”

Elle Decor
HOUSE TOUR: Bette Midler‘s Minimalist, Moroccan-Inspired Pool House In New York
By Nancy Hass JUN 29, 2016

Driven by his love of simple country churches, artist Martin von Haselberg crafts a pool house on his property in Millbrook, New York, that is full of playful surprises.

It is a word so heinous to Martin von Haselberg that his cultured, British art school–inflected voice drops half an octave when he finally spits it out: “Neutral? One thing I hate is neutral.” Read More

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I’ll Stand By You: Successful Hollywood Marriages

Not All Hollywood Marriages Go Bad: Success Stories in the Land of Splitsville
By Pat Gallagher Posted Mar 6th 2011 12:00PM

In the land of 10-minute marriages, there have been some successful and long term unions along the way. It’s relatively hard to live happily ever after in tinsel town, but a few have managed to beat the odds. Let’s take a look at some happily married Hollywood marriages that have endured beyond the quarter-century mark.

One of the rock-steadiest couples around is Jay Leno and his wife of 31 years, Mavis. They met in 1976 when she was in the audience at one of his stand-up gigs. Legend has it that after Leno finished his set, he dashed over to the ladies room where he anticipated Mavis would be waiting in line. Bingo. Leno spoke to PopEater about the secrets to his happy marriage and put it in poignant terms. Read More

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Martin von Haselberg exhibit opens at NOMA tonight

Martin von Haselberg exhibit opens at NOMA tonight
Posted by Doug MacCash, Art critic, The Times-Picayune June 10, 2009 4:57PM

Meet artist Martin von Haselberg at the opening of his exhibt “Floatulents” from 6 to 9, tonight (June 10). Review below.

Art seen: Critic Doug MacCash rates New Orleans art exhibits.

The ratings: Wonderful, Worthwhile, Whatever

“Floatulents” is not your normal narcissism

Talk about having a swollen head. Artist Martin von Haselberg, who splits his time between New York and Los Angeles, has crowded one of the New Orleans Museum of Art‘s upstairs galleries with hundreds of photos of himself. Read More

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Martin Rediscovers His Art On Video….

December 9, 2007
New York Times
The Getty Gets Serious About Video

EARLY this year the artist Martin von Haselberg, better known as one-half of the Kipper Kids performance duo, made a pilgrimage to the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles to view a video he hadn’t seen since he created it in 1976. The institute had just rediscovered it in the Long Beach Museum of Art video archives, a trove of early work that the institute acquired in December 2005.

In many ways the tape is typical of the years when video was an exciting new art form, ripe for cheap experimentation, as well as a novel way to document another relatively new medium, performance art. The tape’s first half shows Mr. von Haselberg playing around with technology as he mugs behind a magnifying lens that grotesquely enlarges and distorts his features.

In the second half Mr. von Haselberg and the other Kipper Kid, Brian Routh, send up macho camaraderie by grunting and singing in cockney-accented gibberish while roughing each other up, urinating in tandem and stripping to the buff.

It also seems typical that until last summer Mr. von Haselberg (who later became a commodities broker and married Bette Midler) had forgotten the tape’s existence. Back then, as he noted, most artists weren’t too careful about keeping track of their video output.

“I don’t know if people were less obsessed by documenting, or if they were taking video less seriously,” he said in a telephone interview from his studio in Harlem. Many of the videos in the Long Beach archives, he added, were most likely “done on a lark.”

Today, however, the Getty is treating that archive, larks and all, with the seriousness that befits a significant slice of art history. Though the research institute has been slowly building its video holdings since it opened in 1982, the Long Beach acquisition suddenly transformed its collection into one of the world’s largest.

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