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Video: Walsh Interviews Midler – 1980 – Retry This For Sound Now!

Hits: 1So much of TV entertainment footage in the past has been wiped out, including ABC-TV’s…

Caricatures Slide Show: 32 Caricatures Of Famous People

Hits: 032 Caricatures Of Famous People Jack Nicholson Tina Turner Arnold Schwarzenegger David Bowie Goldie Hawn…

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MOMA Hosts Susanne Bartsch Doc “On Top” With Guests Of Honor Bette Midler & Martin Von Haselberg

Hits: 1Queer Guru Susanne Bartsch : On Top Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 It is not easy…

Pretty Legs And Great Big Knockers – Bette Midler – Art Or Bust – 1984

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Pink Cadillac Cadillac Walk – Art Or Bust -1982 – Bette Midler

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Help Get Bette Midler’s Album Artwork In The Smithsonian – Need Votes!!!!

Hits: 0Which of These Three Artworks Should Go on View at the National Portrait Gallery? Vote…

Midler Puts Painting Up For Auction

Hits: 0The Telegraph Music divas are selling up treasured possessions to support worthy causes. Madonna and…

Photo: Painting By Jean Lugowski from Belgium (Thank you so much!)

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