So Who Was The Man Sophie Von Haselberg Married?

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Harry J.N. Guinness Weds Sophie Von Haselberg
My Original Source: Seth Leornard
June 29, 2020

Guinness Brewery Dynasty

Harry Guinness Wed Sophie Von Haselberg, June 6, 2020, in Milbrook, New York. I do believe his real name is Henry and like Martin, his nickname is Harry.

Harry is the youngest son of Timothy Whitmore Newton Guinness, an heir to the Scottish Brewing Dynasty, Guinness. I’m sure we’ve all have tasted one of those at one time another.

Currently, and for his privacy, I won’t name his workplace, he’s the Managing Director of a Global Investment Bank. And I had to puzzle this all together and this is what he looks like:

Harry Guinness
Harry Guinness

In a recent interview on Morning7 in Australia, Sophie said they had lots of flowers p, and her dad had prepared two lobsters (rumor has it they were dressed as the bride and groom). Let’s hope Soph and Harry’s marriage don’t meet the same fate.

Sophie also stated that to commemorate their wedding they planted two trees side by side which sounds like an awesome idea.

Harry Guinness is the son of Timothy Guinness and Beverley Anne Mills (now divorced). Harry has 3 older siblings.

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12 thoughts on “So Who Was The Man Sophie Von Haselberg Married?

  1. Congrats newlyweds ,,,,,,, hope your lives are fantastic ……………………… Chicago.

    1. Bootleg Betty must be drinking bathtub gin, to be calling Guinness “Scottish.” A pox on thee! ??

      1. It was perfect. They were quarantine and they were at their country home and she insisted on doing it there, All girls should take her way and stop bankrupting your parents

        1. And, I assume that you know this due to the personal Invitation you received to the Wedding.

          I do High End Events for a Living.

          Don’t think you have a clue.

          1. LOL Glad you do it for a living bc it requires no skills, bitchiness, and someone dumb as a doorknob. If you could read,it was announced in the papers and magazines. Bette and her family did everything themselves. Hope its not a trend for your sake. Tah tah! Mister D

  2. Bootleg Betty must be drinking bathtub gin, to be calling Guinness “Scottish.”
    A pox on thee!

    1. Not cheap, real. Sophie wanted something personal. Another thing, the parents are brilliant with flowers and food, You could not have paid for better!

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