Video: The Best Of Bette Midler in “The Politician”

Bette Midler and Judith Light in The Politician
<strong>bette midler and judith light in the politician<strong>

Ryan Murphy’s The Politician recently came back for a season 2. In it, the iconic, the divine, Bette Midler plays Hadassah Gold. Take a look at some of her most iconic moments.

Amid rousing speeches and idealistic goals, throuples, and double agents complicate Payton’s quixotic campaign for state Senate.

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12 thoughts on “Video: The Best Of Bette Midler in “The Politician”

  1. I do hope there are some nominations and wins for Bette’s performance. She was in Top Bette form and seeing this compilation is hysterical. It would be nice for another award for her and her fans and I think this one with the right marketing strategy and push can do it. She wins over every scene, is hysterical in every scene and continues to light up the screen whenever she is on. She was always going to do well in this role as it was tailored for her comedic chops but she knocked it out of the park. I hope she gets some award love….any rumors on such?

    1. There’s a site some of us visit called the Golden Derby, but through out the year they start picking performances that have a good chance of winning one of many types of awards. I don’t remember how they calculate, but last I looked Bette and Judith had climbed into the Top 5 for the Emmy Category: Best Female ComedY Guest Star in a TV show.

      You might look there and see how they derive their ranks. You can just probably Google Bette Midler and Golden Derby. I think they’re part of The Hollywood Reporter. Anyway it looks good if they keep that category.

  2. Can’t believe they didn’t include the first scene where the Senator was going into a meeting and Bette was blocked from entering the room by a young guard.

  3. Emmy noms come out tomorrow morning (Tue). Bette is currently at #6 on Gold Derby. Fingers crossed. Not sure if the category will have 5 or 8 nominations. Would love to see both Bette and Judith nominated, as that would probably indicate a solid Season 3 of the Politician, with both actresses secured as part of the story arc. There’s a great dynamic between them, and I hope Emmy takes notice.

      1. I just saw Golden Derby’s final predictions and they are still going by Season One, but they have predicted only Bette and Judith will be up lol

  4. Bette was nominated for the few scenes she had in Season 1; she should be a shoe in (and winner) for Season 2. No idea how many times I’ve watched just her scenes and howled with laughter every time.

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