25 Old-Fashioned Names For Girls

25 Old-Fashioned Names For Girls That Are Just So Beautiful
by Naomi Abrams
Dec 28, 2018

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25 Old-Fashioned Names For Girls That Are Just So Beautiful

Choosing the perfect baby name is one of the hardest parts of welcoming a new bundle of joy. These days, parents are really feeling the pressure to choose a name that is unique and distinctive, but still adorable and easy on the eyes (and ears).

Many mamas are looking to hip vintage names that are making a comeback when picking what their little baby girl will be called.

There are TONS of amazing choices in old-fashioned names, if that is Mom’s style. She doesn’t have to go with the top of the charts classics when making her choice, either. There’s a whole bunch of untapped treasures out there for little princesses and princes, alike.

Some names are a little bit too old-fashioned, but some of them will be the perfect balance of elegant and chic that harken back to the days of old. Finding the right name might require making a list of loved monikers and then waiting until the little girl arrives, but sometimes, mom just knows which name will be perfect, even before her bundle of joy is actually here. If Mom is looking for a retro name that will be loved by all, look no further than this list of 30 old-fashioned baby girl names that are so gorgeous.


Marguerite is a beautiful baby girl’s name that has French and Greek origins. The name means “daisy” (flower) and also “pearl” or “child of light.” This name currently ranks 4,780 on the name charts, down 1,707 places from the previous year. Marguerite is super feminine and lovely, don’t you agree? It reminds me of those black and white romance movies you see on the TCM channel… just lovely. When you picture a little girl with this name, don’t you just picture long and lush eyelashes and a tumble of curly, dark hair?


Here is a gorgeous and colorful Greek baby name from the olden days that means “rainbow.” Iris is becoming quite popular in it’s own right… ranking at an impressive 134 this year on the name list, up 9 spots from 2018. If you feel like Iris is too old or too common sounding, there are a few alternatives to consider with the same meaning, such as Irys, Iridianny, and Jalus (a Tibetan name meaning “rainbow body.”) People who like the name Iris also tend to like Willow, Scarlett, Ivy, and Rose. What do you think of this beautiful and classic name from yesteryear? Is it worthy of going on your baby name list?


Irene is another gorgeous Greek name meaning “peace.” This name currently ranks 651 on the baby name list, up 89 spots from the previous year. Irene is a name reserved for only the most elegant and beautiful of girls, don’t you think? The name saw its peak in the early 1900s, when many of our great-grandmas were little girls, but there’s a strong movement to bring it back to the front of the class. If you know anyone named Irene, you know they are probably very reserved, friendly and charming. The name comes with a certain grace and nobility, making it wonderful for any little girl of this era.


I might be biased because this was my grandma’s name (bless her soul), but Martha seems to be one of the loveliest options out there for an old-timey little girl’s name. Meaning “lady” in Aramaic, this name conveys all of the femininity and beauty you could hope to bestow upon your little princess. If the name sounds a bit too old for you, there is always the alternative of Marta. There are also a lot of other lovely “M” names, like Miriam or Mary. Martha currently ranks 1,384, up 67 spots from 2017. People named Martha are often comforting and family-oriented figures, filled with stoicism and wisdom.


“E” names have been coming back in a big way, and Ella is no exception. Ella is a shortened version of Eleanor and Ellen, meaning “light.” It can also mean “beautiful fairy woman,” in English, and “all” or “other” in German. Ella currently ranks #12 in 2018, down 2 places from the previous year. This popular name is loved by many, and is popular among people who also favor names like Ava, Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Isabella. If you’re looking for simplicity and maximum adorable-ness, Ella is just about as good as it gets.


“A” names are all the rage lately, and Alma should be no exception. With a cute, yet old-timey feel, this adorable baby girl name comes from the Latin meaning “nurturing, soul.” Currently, Alma ranks #643 on the Baby Name charts, and is presumed to keep rising in rank. This name became fashionable after England’s Battle Of Alma, which occurred during the Crimean War.


Here is a name you’ve probably heard before, because it has become pretty popular as of late. Violet is a flower name bringing to mind that stunning purple hue we all love so much. She currently ranks #48 on the popularity list and comes from the Latin word meaning purple.

One cute feature of Violet is the possible nicknames of “V” and “Vi” (pronounced “Vy”). People who love this name may love other flower names like Lily, Poppy, and Rose.


I LOVE LUCY… don’t you?! Lucy is not just the stage name for one of the most fabulous actresses and comediennes of all time… Lucille Ball… it’s also an adorable old-fashioned baby name that has become quite loved lately. Lucy is name of English origin, and it comes from the word “lucia” meaning light. It currently ranks #52 on the popularity charts and has a lot of great variations/alternatives, such as Lucie, Lucinda, Lucetta, and Lulu, if you want to go with a more unique name.


So, this might be a name more popular in the UK, but here in the U.S., Geraldine doesn’t get all the attention she deserves. Currently ranking 5,025 this year, this rare gem means “ruler with a spear” in German, and denotes a powerful and strong woman who is sure to rule her world. This name carries with it the cute nicknames of Geri, Gigi, and Ger (or even Cher), and would be the perfect name for a bold little princess. Spelling alteratives include Geraldene, Gearldine, or the totally different Jeremine (so pretty!) and Gerardine.


I’ve always loved this name- probably thanks to one of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, “Billie Jean.” Here is a name that is older, but also young and cute sounding. Billie is an English name meaning “resolute protection”, and it comes from the name Wilhemina. Perfect for a little tomboy or a girly girl, it currently ranks 1,696 has taken a slight dip in popularity over the past few years. Many believe it is about to make a huge comeback, though, with unisex-sounding names on the rise.


Lillian is a classic everyone has come to know and love. Odds are, you have a Lillian in your family somewhere. Derived from the Latin name Elizabeth, it currently ranks #56 on the popular baby names list. Lillian has the same meaning as its counterpart “lily”- meaning pure, innocent, beauty. It is a flower name that is both feminine and strong. There are a lot of pretty flower names if you love this name but can’t quite agree to choose it. You could go with Poppy, Daisy, Camellia and Petunia.


Another beautiful name of Latin origins, Grace is a name that means “God’s grace,” and has Greek mythology ties to the notions of beauty, blossom and joy. Grace is a popular choice, ranking this year at number 30 on the baby name choice list. If you love simple and easy-to-remember names that still have all the elegance and wonder of classic beauties such as actress Grace Kelly, this name is the perfect choice for your little bundle of joy. It is unlikely this name will ever leave the spotlight, and parents can count on that to retain that eternal charm. For a modern twist, try a movie name, such as Gracie or Hazel-Grace.


I have never been able to figure out why this name isn’t a chart-topper in today’s day and age. Meaning “woodland girl” or “of the forest”, this name comes from the Latin word Silva (forest). Currently ranked 727 on the baby names chart, this beautiful choice is both elegant and modern. There is always the adorable nickname of Sylvie that can go with this name, and tons of cute middle names that make it really flow (ex: Sylvia Jane). What do you think? Would you pick this for your little one?


Does this name bring to mind the beautiful and glam R and B singer, Leona Lewis?

Or does it just make you think of a classy and elegant little girl, with bouncing curls and a smile that could light up the room? This name truly does seem like the pinnacle of sophistication and class. Meaning, “like a lion” in Latin, she currently ranks 495 on the charts. This name is not only rare but also perfectly lovable and bold! The male version of this name is Leon or Leonides, which are both beautiful and wonderful choices, too.


Parents can’t really go wrong with a Biblical name that is still being used today. Esther is a queenly name that screams regality and noble blood. It makes you envision a gorgeous, smoky-eyed queen, decked out in silken robes and jewels, right? She currently ranks 369 on the list, and her meaning comes from the Persian “star girl.” With stars in her eyes and prophecy on her mind, this gal is sure to rule the year 2019, don’t you agree? A cute nickname for her would be Estie or Esthe.


Forever a favorite on my personal list, Maxine embodies power, a strong work ethic, and a ton of radiant beauty. You picture a lovely little lady with big brown eyes and scarlet hair when you hear this name, right? This raven-haired beauty current sits at 742 on the name-ranking list, and comes from the Latin meaning of “great woman.” What better meaning could a little girl’s name have, really? For a little tomboy, the nickname Max is absolutely adorable, or she could even go by Maxie.


A shimmering and mysterious rainbow stone of the earth, Opal is both inherently beautiful and strong. A true classic on the name list, Opal is as beautiful for your ancestors past as it is for the little princess on the way. Meaning, “from the opal gemstone” in Sanskrit, she currently ranks only #925 on the list, as far as current popularity. We strongly believe this will change, as New Age and nature names continue to regain their gusto and popularity. There is also the alternative spelling of Opale, if mom really wants to be strikingly unique with her name choice.


Um… can you say, Bette Midler?! Who doesn’t love that fantastic and charming actress, from classic movies such as Beaches. With an angelic voice and bouncing golden hair, Bette is as trendy as she is classic. There is also the more common version of the name, Betty, if you happen to be a fan of Riverdale. Bette currently ranks 12,770 and means, “God is my oath” in Hebrew. Betty ranks much higher, at 1,053, and she has the same beautiful meaning. Would you choose this unique moniker for your little girl?


Fantasy fans and lovers of fairy and mythical names… rejoice! Alva is a name that sounds as magical as any Harry Potter movie, while being completely modern (and something your grandma would adore). Meaning, “elf girl” in Scandinavian, this adorable gem currently ranks 3,444 on the baby name charts. The male version of this name is Alvie or Alvus, though we believe those could become unisex very soon. Would you choose something so foreign and unique for your bundle of joy? Tell us why or why not!


Here is an oldie but a goodie! Audrey sounds like that beautiful and chic great aunt you absolutely need to name your little girl after, or perhaps you are one of the millions of fans of Breakfast At Tiffany’s. There is literally no movie that will ever come close to those of Audrey Hepburn, wouldn’t you agree? Currently ranking 3,648, this gorgeous name means “noble strength.”


Don’t let the epic fame of the singer Adele stop you from choosing this name. Adele still has lots of room to grow up the baby name popularity charts, trust me! Adele means “noble girl” in German and currently ranks 742 on the charts. With a short and sweet sound, easy spelling, and dozens of adorable middle name combos that can be used here, we cannot think of a single reason not to go for this A-List name! If mom wants something even more prestigious, she could opt for Adelaide or Adelaine.


Short and sweet, Esme is a really cute moniker that still carries oodles of prestige and tradition with it. Meaning, “loved” in French, there is no better meaning for a teeny princess rocking out in tutus and glitzy pink bows. Currently ranking #637 on the baby name popularity list, she is not the most unheard of name choice but certainly not a basic Madison or Olivia! Would you pick this beautiful choice for your little lady, or is it simply too “ooh la la” for you?


Bernice is one of those names you either love or detest. With its origins in the Greek language, Bernice has the awesome and strong meaning of “brings victory.” What else could a mother want, right? Currently ranking 1,905 on the baby name popularity charts, this name is up a whopping 375 spots from 2017. It seems Bernice might be barreling toward victory, after all. People who love this name also tend to adore Beatrice, Amelia, Abigail, Penelope, Natalie and Evangeline. If you’ve seen the movie Spanglish, you might easily be able to picture a charming and witty young lady with this name, and add it to your own family tree this decade.


One of two things will happen when you think about this name. You’ll either envision an adorable and sweet girl, decked out in the most fashionable clothing, or you’ll picture an elderly landlady with a strong disposition. Kidding… kind of! It really depends what your personal preferences are with the sound of this name and all the others on this list. You will either love or despise some. Either way, Vera currently ranks #237 and means “true.” A cute twist here is the hyphenated name, Vera-Elise; gorgeous, right?


No longer reserved for characters from 1950’s children’s books, Mabel is making an amazing comeback- with a current rank of 476 on the charts, up 82 spots from 2017. With the meaning of “lovable” in Latin, Mabel is the perfect name for your little bell of the ball. This name was ultra popular, back in the day, and many believe it will be back on the top 100 charts in no time. There is an adorable baby named Mabel in my son’s karate class, and she made me fall in love with this oldie-but-goody moniker. When you picture Mabel, can’t you just see a lovable, bubbly little girl with sparkly blue eyes and a desire to take on the world?

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