Kipper Kids at The Kitchen – WCVA – MOCAtv – Age Restricted (Bette’s Husband Was One Of The Kipper Kids)

Harry and Harry Kipper, performance artists, stress the visual, the visceral, and the violent aspects of social rituals, with a feeling for the relationship between ordered social rituals and conventions and the festering violence that lies beneath the facade of mannered behavior. From silly but seriously performed rituals, the work progresses to ever more extreme actions.
Harry and Harry Kipper are portrayed by Brian Routh and Martin von Haselberg. Both artists attended E. 15 Drama School in London, and began performing together in 1971.

Kipper Kids- Live at the Kitchen (1988). Bette Midler’s husband was better known as Harry Kipper and/or Harry Kipper, one of two European performance artists who dressed as identical clowns and performed “ceremonies” of scatological/industrial performance art vaudeville in a number of cult films. from r/ObscureMedia

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