More Bette Midler Accolade's From The Reviews Of 'The Glorias'

Bette Midler on the cover of Ms Magazine 1973
Bette midler on the cover of ms magazine 1973

Mister D: The reviews seem to be mostly mixed to good on this movie, My favorite line of a review, even though it was negative is: “the women’s rights all-stars with whom Steinem has worked, would be welcome if the screenplay showed them doing more than spouting catchphrases like walking Twitter accounts.”

The Utah Review: The Glorias unique creative nonfiction take on the life’s work of Gloria Steinem – 02-02-20

“Bette Midler truly brings former U.S. Representative Bella Abzug back to life in her performance”

ScreenDaily: ‘The Glorias’: Sundance Review, January 28, 2020

“Among the supporting cast, Lorraine Toussaint is excellent company as Florynce Kennedy, an African-American lawyer who helped educate Steinem on the plight of black women, while Bette Midler has a blast playing the unapologetic activist Bella Abzug, who teaches our main character how to grow a thick skin when fighting for her beliefs.”

New York Post: ‘The Glorias’ forgets Gloria Steinem is a human being – January 28, 2020

“when Gloria meets New York representative Bella Abzug, played by a spunky Bette Midler, and they help found the National Women’s Political Caucus. The script, co-written by Taymor and Sarah Ruhl, doesn’t push Midler to be anything more than a comedian with so-so jokes, but she thankfully injects some fizz into otherwise still water.”

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