Bette Midler, Sinead O’Connor (Sings The Rose), And The Kennedy City Honors Plus Future Contenders

1. Bette Midler Will Be Part Of The Kennedy City Honors, Virtually Congratulating The Honorees Who Are: Garth Brooks, Debbie Allen, Joan Baez, Midori and Dick Van Dyke. The Celebration Airs This Sunday Night At 8 p.m. on CBS.

2. Bette Midler Tweeted Out Praise For Sinead O’Connor’s New Memoir, Rememberings:

“This is re: Sinead O’Connor, who has written her memoir. Turns out she was right about…everything.” — bettemidler (@BetteMidler) May 19, 2021

The review read: “When O’Connor tore up the pope photo, she was spot on and brave. Only spineless people with little depth faulted her. I am also a recovering Catholic, and the hypocrisy, greed and misogyny of the church is astounding.“

It’s hard to forget that specific pope as he said wearing condoms was a ‘sin’ in countries ravaged by AIDS. Morally bereft.”

“O’Connor, on the other hand, is simply who she is and not interested in appeasing anyone or making false moral claims.

“O’Connor was left starstruck by the praise and replied to Midler, “OMG! Bette!!!’ You have no idea how much I have always adored you! Always wanted to sing with you! Your tweet had made my day!!! I love you.

“Years ago I recorded a version of @BetteMidler ‘s song, The Rose. MAJOR healing song for abuse survivors. I never released it but will post it on Twitter later. My lovely ex husband, John Reynolds, who produced it, is hunting for it right now : )

— Sinead O’Connor (Shuhada Sadaqat) (@MagdaDavitt77) May 19, 20

Sinead O’Connor Sings The Rose

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