Happy Birthday Ms. Midler

Happy Birthday, Bette!
<strong><em>happy birthday<em><strong><strong><em> bette <em><strong>

Mister D: You guys, I’m sorry. Had an accident and my head took the most of the brunt of force. It hurts. I got a migraine. I had planned more for the day, but I can’t get rid of this migraine. So my love for Bette goes on. But I didn’t mean to let ya’ll down. But I know you’ll understand, because you always have. I hope you celebrated The Divine in some way. I’ve been revisiting the past lately. I’m in a sentimental mood. I’m so glad I got to see her whole career and how it grew and grew and grew. I was right when I was 14 and called my mom to see this lady singing “Am I Blue” on Carson. I didn’t even know I liked that kind of music she sang that night. But I was enthralled and before Bette even finished the song, I told my mom, “she’s going to be a huge superstar!” I don’t think I had ever used that word before, but for some reason, I locked into this gargantuan talent and I was laser focused for some reason. And I knew she was going to prove me right. And I know there’s a deeper reason I honed in on her, because for some reason I felt broken, and it sure wasn’t from lack of love. Half the time I wanted people to stand back and let me breathe. But there was something within me that I didn’t know how to handle. Some would call it a gift, but I thought otherwise. But I knew Bette was supersensitve, too. And I knew what she meant by creating an alter ego for the stage, that she could shake off afterwards. I did the same over a period of time, because I was so frightened all the time. But I reinvented myself for college. And it worked. But my alter egos had flaws in them that I didn’t think about, so FML, when bad things happened lol The absolute worst was when I came out I adopted The Rose as my role model and I don’t know how I came out of that alive. It was kind of fun in the beginning, but you know….I gave and gave and gave and gave lol until I had what? Nothing left to give. I never went back to The Rose for seconds. I also want to acknowledge that I got 2 beautiful emails this year from people who had never written me, who told me how much my site helped them. I had heard that before but I never understood it, but I learned to accept it. Anyway, if you two guys read this, I thank you so much for that and I’m ashamed I never wrote back. This last year and a half my whole life changed and Ive had accident after accident by falling flat on my face and knocking all my teeth out, falling down the stairs and cracking my head open. And from that, I began to have hallucinations that just bled into reality and I didnt know what was going on. It was interesting. And I wrote a note to my doctor that was supposed to be humorous and I told him I made all these appointments with different doctors, and then I said can I get one because my mother is driving me crazy and sometimes I feel like I want to kill my self. Now,you didn’t see the whole note, but I wrote it wittily in my mind, but the doc didn’t know my personality yet, so…. the next morning I was hauled off by the police (they Baker Acted me). I told I used to be a counselor and I said this note does not meet any of the criteria. But they truly were meatheads, so I decided I was just going to have fun throughout the whole process. They handcuffed me in my underwear and T-shirt and barefoot and that’s the way they took me to the hospital. The doctor deemed me as there was nothing wrong with me, but I did have to stay overnight, and I had my fun, But that;s another story. So that’s a good example of how my life has been going by moving back to Florida. I got totally off the subject, however, I pulled another character out of my ass in a matter of minutes….and I credit Bette for that. So Happy Birthday Bette!!!! You’re also a lifesaver! I love you guys and girls!!!!

Happy Birthday, Bette!
<strong><em>happy birthday bette <em><strong>

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