Videos: 4 Live Beasts & A Whole Lot Of Burden

Bootleg Betty
4 Distinct Live Performances Of Bette Midler Singing Beast Of Burden
By Mister D
October 19, 2023

Bette Midler’s cover of “Beast of Burden” was generally well-received. The song was a Top 10 single in many parts of Europe. Unfortunately, it flopped here in the United States.

The promo video for the song, made during the early MTV era, even featured Mick Jagger in a cameo role-playing Midler’s boyfriend. It was nominated for Best Female Rock Video at the first MTV Awards show in 1984. Midler also co-hosted the show with Dan Ackroyd;

The song is seen as an anthem of empowerment, asserting the desire for love and respect while refusing to be treated as a burden

As always. it’s important to note that musical taste is subjective and can vary greatly from person to person. Ahem!

From the No Frills Special at age 38

Not Complete – DeTour Bootleg at age 38

A Stunned Audience on Johnny Carson at age 38

Beast Of Burden 2015 at age 70

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