Rolling Stone Magazine: The 10th Anniversary Special (1977)

Rolling Stone Magazine: The 10th Anniversary Special (1977)

This is the COMPLETE special, including commercials, aired November 25, 1977! From KXTV, channel 10 in Sacramento.

Intros and opening segment with Steve Martin
4:24 Opening credits and animated intro
7:45 Ford sponsor tag and Futura commercial
8:30 Pioneer commercial with Bernie Mitchell
9:01 Coors beer commercial- “Make It Coors, Make it Yours”
9:34 “A Day in the Decade” Beatles tribute featuring Ted Neeley
24:48 CBS Sunday Night Movie promo: “Three Days of the Condor”
25:09 Free-Wheelin’ Ford Trucks commercial
25:40 Mattel See & Say commercial
26:10 Pioneer stereo commercial with Sonny Rollins
27:27 “The Return of the Incredible Hulk” promo
27:47 Montgomery Ward dishwasher commercial
28:16 Taco Real commercial
28:46 KXTV Rainbow Radar bumper
28:50 “And That’s Rock N Roll”
39:27 Coors commercial
39:57 Sears Video Arcade (Atari 2600 clone) commercial
40:28 Kodak instant camera commercial
40:59 Old Spice commercial
41:30 Show bumper and “All in the Family” promo
41:57 Montgomery Wards fireplaces commercial
42:27 KXTV Newservice 10 update with Dick Cable and “Wolfman Jack Show” slide promo
42:42 Budweiser sponsor tag and “The Concert” segment with Bette Midler and Jerry Lee Lewis
1:03:25 Budweiser commercial with Lou Rawls in Chicago
1:03:56 Marantz Stereos commercial
1:04:27 Ford Futura commercial
1:05:30 Martin Sheen segment on Vietnam War
1:10:27 Ford Van commercial at Arizona State University
1:10:57 Natural Light beer commercial with Peter Graves
1:11:27 O.B. Tampons commercial
1:11:58 Memorex cassette tape commercial with Melissa Manchester and Ella Fitzgerald
1:12:30 Show bumper and “The Jeffersons” and “Tony Randall” show promo
1:12:55 Taco Bell commercial with Santa Claus (glass offer)
1:13:25 Miller beer commercial (from 16mm) and KXTV Rainbow Radar bumper
1:14:00 “Life in the Fast Lane”
1:18:47 Comedy sketch with Steve Martin and Keith Moon (parts of this were later included in “The Kids Are Alright”)
1:25:36 “Life in the Fast Lane” music video (much of this was filmed in the parking lot at the Tower Records Sunset store)
1:30:48 Pioneer stereos commercial (“Ralph, please!”)
1:31:49 Natural Light beer commercial with Peter Graves (#2)
1:32:20 Kodak Instant Cameras commercial with Santa Claus
1:32:53 Concert segment with Gladys Knight and the Pips, joined by Art Garfunkel
1:51:37 Budweiser commercial with Ed McMahon
1:52:08 Marantz Stereos commercial (again)
1:52:38 Tyco Nite-Glow commercial
1:53:08 Ford Futura commercial
1:53:40 “Eulogy” closing segment (“Hound Dog Man,” in tribute to Elvis Presley who had recently died) and end credits
1:58:02 Show promos including “Return of the Incredible Hulk” and Newservice 10 slide
1:59:05 Kotex Heavy Duty Tampons commercial
1:59:36 Allstate Insurance commercial and partial ENM Tapeless Measure commercial

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