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Friday, January 18, 2019

Bette Midler & Alana Stewart Step Out For Lunch Yesterday (Video & Photos)

Alana Stewart rocks a leopard print coat as she steps out with Bette Midler for lunch in Beverly Hills
18 January 2019

Bette Midler meeting Alana Stewart for lunch in Beverly Hills
Bette Midler meeting Alana Stewart for lunch in Beverly Hills
Bette Midler meeting Alana Stewart for lunch in Beverly Hills

Bette Midler and Alana Stewart stepped out for lunch together in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

The actresses, both 73, enjoyed a bite to eat at the upmarket E Baldi.

Alana, who is her companion’s senior by seven months, looked gorgeous in knee-high black boots and a sexy figure-hugging black dress, cinched at the waist, flashing a little leg via side split.

She matched it with a luxurious leopard print fur coat, likely faux.

Bette meanwhile matched her boots, pairing hers with a black jumpsuit.

She finished her ensemble in a cosy thick brown long corduroy coat, and a stylish grey scarf. ...  Read More

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Friday, June 13, 2014

BetteBack August 19, 1985: Nick Nolte Smells Bad

Winnipeg Free Press August 19, 1985 309827_223688131038165_221327031274275_541535_191651574_n Nick Nolte is heavily into method acting, so much so that he nauseated fellow cast members during the filming of Down and Out in Beverly Hills. Nolte, 44, plays a bum who wanders into Beverly Hills and the life of a wealthy family. To get the feel of the role, he spent a few days hanging around with real bums at a mission in downtown Los Angeles. And he stopped bathing for a month. “The situation is what makes the movie funny,” says Nolte. “To make it work, you have to play it real.” It was so real Bette Midler and Richard Dreyfuss kept a healthy distance from him, until the script called for him to clean up. “I smelled so bad,” says Nolte, “I think 1 frightened them a bit.”
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BetteBack Feb. 6, 1985: Bette Midler Signed To Early Version Of Down And Out

The Register Wed., Feb. 6, 1985 4_midi Richard Dreyfuss and Nick Nolte will play the leads originally talked about for Jack Nicholson and Bill Murray in “Jerry Saved from Drowning,” a remake of a French film classic. Dreyfuss will play a bum saved from drowning by Nolte, a Beverly Hills businessman who takes the bum into his household, then the bum takes over. Don’t they always? Bette Midler has been set for the female lead, that of Nolte’s wife. It’s all too divine
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Monday, August 26, 2013

BetteBack September 3, 1982: Bette Prepares Concert Tour

Winnipeg Free Press September 3, 1982 benoit-398x600 The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, is slumming in her Beverly Hills home these days, coming down from filming Jinxed and preparing for a concert tour. She is also going through another boyfriend, Benoit, who she says is in “zee show biz-i-ness.” He manages former Yes-singer Jon Anderson. Midler and Benoit try to see each other as much as they can. “We see each other evenings, we have dinner together. It’s very traditional, nothing kingue. Calm, always calm, because there’s so much of people screaming during the day, you really do need a chance to catch your breath.” But wedding bells aren’t about to ring. “Oh, nevair, NEV—AIR! There’s community property in this state! I’m not giving away one nickel, honey.”
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Hear How Bette Midler Gave “Go-To” Colorist, Tracey Cunningham Her Big Break

E Online! Hollywood‘s Top Stylists: Colorist Tracey Cunningham Makes Emma Stone a Chameleon Feb. 8, 2013 All this week, we’ve been bringing you the real dish behind Hollywood’s most gorgeous faces—who cuts their hair, how their skin gets that glow. And now, another big reveal: Why Emma Stone always looks so great, no matter what color her hair is. The mastermind behind Stone’s genius color changes is none other than Tracey Cunningham, also the go-to colorist for Fergie, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel. Her specialty: offering top-notch blowouts along with signature color. Her uncanny secret talent: Predicting what the season’s next hot hair shade will be. For example, this spring, you can count on seeing a whole lot of honeyed blondes on the red carpet. And when you spot one, you’ll have a good guess as to who’s behind the look! When it comes to her success, Cunningham has one living legend to thank. The colorist started out as a nanny for Bette Midler‘s daughter. Eventually Cunningham, now owner of the Beverly Hills salon Meche, persuaded the singer and actress to let the nanny do her hair…and the rest is hair hue history. We’re not done with our lineup of Hollywood’s best beauty experts. Check in with E! News all this week for more tips, tricks and secrets straight from the red carpet.
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Just A Reminder: Bette Midler to Auction Personal Items for Charity

Bette Midler to Auction Personal Items for Charity Reuters Bette Midler (file photo) Singer and actress Bette Midler has donated more than 300 items to be sold by Julien’s Auctions on November 12 in Beverly Hills, California. Proceeds from sales of her stage costumes, shoes and other memorabilia will benefit Midler’s New York Restoration Project. She created the initiative in 1995 to help transform neglected open spaces in New York City into sustainable parks and gardens.
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

BetteBack: Bette To Give Conventional Name To Baby

Altoona Mirror Bette Midler‘s baby to get conventional name Thursday, October 23, 1986 CONSERVATIVE RULES FOR NAME GAME: Bette Midler is scheduled lo become a mother for the f i r s t t ime (due date; Monday) and has been thinking about possible names. Her husband. Martin von Haselberg. has had to ta lk her into s t i c k i ng w i th something conventional “I like Bob Geldof‘s baby’s name – Fifi Trlxibelle.” Midler says, “bul my husband says when she’s ’40. a librarian and a s p i n s t e r, she’s not going lo be so happy with being called Fifi Trixibelle.”
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

BetteBack: Hasn’t Bette been keeping herself in shape?

The Salina Journal Entertainment Tattletales Sunday, February 16,1986 Bette Midler really looks fat and dumpy in her new movie. Hasn’t she been keeping herself in shape? — O.W. Let’s just say that Bette is pleasingly plump in “Down and Out in Beverly Hills,” her new flick opposite Richard Dreyfuss and Nick Nolle. The Divine One portrays a spoiled Jewish matron who lives in nouveau rich splendor in Beverly Hills as the wife of a clothing hanger manufacturer. The movie is a bitter social comedy, and Bette has her best part in years. She plays the mother of a college-age daughter — and looks the part.
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

BetteBack: Bette, Richard, and Nick – World’s Collide

MONTGOMERY COUNTY RECORD Worlds collide What’s a street person doing in a Beverly Hills mansion? A lot! Friday, January 31, 1986 I n h i s l a s t f i l m , t h e m a r v e l o u s l y r e n d e r e d “Moscow on the Hudson,” director-writer Paul Mazursky examined the immigrant experience in modern America, painting a heartfelt picture of the struggle to succeed in the so-called land of plenty. But that wonderful work in no way pr epa r ed Ma z u r s ky fans – and I’m certainly one — for the hilariously I n s i g h t f ul examination he gives to both the filthy rich and the literally filthy poor in “Down and Out in Beverly Hills.” In an era when simplistic projects with one-dlmenslonal heroes and villains dominate f i l m d o m, Mazursky proves that some filmmakers can still provide Insightful entertainment for adults. Quite simply, “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” is a marvelously enterta ining social comedy. ( I t ‘s also a bit historic, since the release marks the first R-rated picture ever financed by Walt Disney Studios.) Loosely ba s ed on Jean Renoir ‘s “Boudu Sauve Des Eaux” (“Boudu Saved From Drowning”), “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” opens with a penniless drifter, Jerry (Nick Nolte), who has been living out of trashcans and sleeping on the streets for three years, attempting to drown himself in a swimming pool on a property owned by a newly rich, upwardly mobile couple, Dave and Barbara Whiteman (Richard D r e y f u ss a nd B e t te Midler). Dave, who made his fortune as a hanger manufacturer, saves Jerry and, intrigued by what would drive a person to take such a drastic action, Invites the street person to live in their home until he’s back on his feet. Life for the Whitemans – and the continually ungrateful Jerry – will never be the same. If America really is the land of plenty, then Beverly Hills is the sea of far too much. Dave and Barbara are practically drowning in their excesses. Their children are sexually confused (their son dresses in androgynous fashions and seems intent on a n n o u n c i ng that he’s gay; their repressed older daughter is about two pounds away from anorexia); the ir sex l i fe t o g e t h er is nonexistent (the wife seeks fulfillment from phony gurus and ’60s fads and the husband hops into the sack with the housekeeper); their social life is stale (revolving around an obnoxious blend of Investment counselors and shallow professionals); and even their dog has hangups (tended to by a puppy psychiatrist). Into the midst of this troubl ed f a m i l y, Ma z u r s ky a nd co- s c r ipt er Leon Cape t anos ( w h o a l so h e l p ed w r i te “Moscow on the Hudson” and “Tempest”) t h r u st J e r ry, a r a t h er e x p l o i t a t i ve l i ar (although a thoroughly likeable one) who doesn’t me r e ly bite the hand which feeds him. He rips it off. B ut t h is s e e m i ng l o s er a p p e a rs to h a v e a ll t he answers, in a combination of world-weariness and thoughtful insights. Things — including an ill-fated a f f a ir wi th a c t r e ss Linda Evans (he claims it occurred during her time “between The Big Valley‘ and ‘Dynasty'”) and a relationship with a pet pooch who leaves him for a handout — just haven’t gone right for Jerry. “I knew that bum was trouble,” Midler’s character says in a gross u n d e r s t a t e m e n t. Jerry turns the family upside down b u t, magically, leaves e v e r y o ne smi l i n g. W h i ch seems fitting, since that’s the way Mazursky also leaves the viewers. Mazursky camouflages his vicious attack on 1980s materialism by wrapping his insights with twisted humor. Dave feels “somewhat guilty” for driving a Rolls R o y c e, for exampl e, and the di r e c tor d o e s n ‘t let him off the hook. Dave claims that he wants to get out of the materialistic rat race, but he doesn’t fool anyone, least of all Jerry. Mazursky selected the cast for “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” with great care, using three troubled talents avoided by o t h er f i l m m a k e r s. Be t te Midler hasn’t worked since her legendary temper tantrums on “Jinxed,” and Dreyfuss has be en out of the p i c t u re bus iness since his well-recorded bout with cocaine. Nolte, who has a h i s t o ry of d r i n k i ng problems, has been working, but the results have been less than sterling. The trio rewards Mazursky’s faith by providing wonderful performances, particularly D r e y f u ss a nd M s. Mi d l e r. D r e y f u ss pe r f e c t ly c aptur es t he h i g h – p r e s s u r ed g uy trapped in today’s fast-paced bus ine ss r at r a c e, and Ms. Midler brings a detached air as a woman who devlops an “allergy” to having intimate relations with her husband. Wa lt Di sney mi g ht n ot approve of Mazursky’s social comedy coming from the same studio as “Snow White” and “Pinocchio,” but the generations of moviegoers who grew up wi th Mickey Mouse and now seek adult fare should be g r a t i f i e d. “Down and Out in Beve r ly Hills” Is the up and coming adult hit of 1986.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Return Of Rona Barrett

Rona Barrett Returns To The The Paley Center 6/17 Back to the Article by BWW News Desk Rona Barrett, the first to bring Entertainment Reporting to TV and original cast member of “Good Morning America“, as well as hosting numerous star interview TV specials for ABC and NBC, will return to the spotlight and appear in a one-woman show, “Rona Barrett: Nothing But The Truth”, premiering at The Payley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, on Thursday June 17th, 2010. Rona left the world of entertainment reporting at the height of her fame in the early 1990’s, and now returns in this original stage show with proceeds benefiting The Rona Barrett Foundation on behalf of seniors in need, a non-profit organization which she founded in 2000, to provide new forms of housing, food, clothing and assisted living for seniors. The show, produced by Dick Taylor Productions, directed by David Gilligan, written by Bill Royce & Jayne Hamil, with video production & editing by Eric Allen, will include anecdotes from her years in Hollywood, highlight clips of classic interviews with Cher, Bette Davis, John Wayne, Bette Midler, Robin Williams, Carol Burnett, Raquel Welch and many more, as well as revealing behind the scenes stories of what really happened during that time. She will also tell her story of an overweight young girl with a handicap growing up in Queens, New York, becoming a writer, a close friend of Hollywood hopefuls who later became stars, having her own fan magazines and after great perseverance, succeeding in becoming the first TV Entertainment Reporter and icon in the industry. The premiere one night only performance at The Payley Center for Media will be followed by an across country series of performances. Reblog this post [with Zemanta]
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