God, This Is So Frustating & I Can’t Understand In The Morning LOL – The Triple Crown of Acting. That’s when a performer manages the Emmy, Oscar, and Tony for acting. To date only 24* actors have accomplished this

The Film Experience List-Mania: Glenda Jackson & Lots of Triple-Crown Acting Trivia Tuesday, June 12, 20 By Nathaniel R. Since…

BetteBack March 3, 1974: Miss M Wins Her First Grammy

Wichita Falls Times March 3, 1974 LOS ANGELES (AP) -â–  “Killing Me Softly’ With His Song,” a ballad about the…

BetteBack January 18, 1974: 1974 Grammy Nominations Announced – Bette Up For Three

Delaware County Daily Times January 18, 1974 LOS ANGELES (AP) –Singer and composer Stevie Wonder has received six nominations in…

BetteBack February 28, 1996: Bette Midler Would Be The Perfect Host For The Grammys

Elyria Chronicle Telegram February 28, 1996 The night may belong to those in the music world, but a comedy star…

2001 – BETTE MIDLER & Stevie Wonder – Grammy Award 2001

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Bette Wins Record Of The Year ~ Wind Beneath My Wings ~ Grammy Awards

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BetteBack February 26, 1995: A Look At Grammy’s Best New Artist’s Past

Burlington Hawk Eye February 26, 1995 Whatever happened to … In the Grammy world, there are big categories (Record of…

Bette Midler – From A Distance – The Grammy Awards – 1991

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Bette Midler – Grammy’s 1974

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Bette Midler On Being Nominated Against Rosemary Clooney For Her Tribute Album:

Bette Midler On Being Nominated Against Rosemary Clooney For Her Tribute Album: “I’m mortified. I’d really like Rosemary to win…

Bette TV Series – Episode 17 – The Grammy Pre-show – 2000

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