Special Thank You’s

Mister D’s Acknowledgements:

Bette Midler: Without you, none of this would exist. Thank you for the years of ceaseless inspiration. You’ve touched many in such different and personal ways that all I can say is: Thanks for making life so much brighter for so many…

Nicola Calder: My right hand woman. Thank you for helping me with getting Facebook off the ground, the beautiful graphics, and your constant positive support. I couldn’t do it without you.

Darrell Redmond: Darrell, I must give co-credit to everything as far as the peripheral pages on Bootleg Betty. I just would have been lost without his “graphics design” expertise. I know he made pages that I visualized that probably made him barf a little in his mouth, but he always comes through for me, and somehow makes BLB a little classier in the process. And he does so much more. The best by product of all this is that we became best friends. That’s what I will treasure the most.

Tom and Sammy Miro: Divine Arists – original artwork, paintings, sketches – they have been with me since the beginning and original art work lends so much to a page. So thank you guys.

Steve Weiner (BaltoBoy Steve): Divine Photographer, Photoshop Artist – Stevie, Stevie….what can I say. Beauty just follows you wherever you go….looking to look, well, more beautiful. Also, thanks so much for being such a good friend. Barry and I will never forget Baltimore.

Da’Vi: The first to send me video, screen caps, artwork when I need it. Talented and fast (are you like this on dates, too????)

Cris Vanuzzi: My Brazilian hottie – great online friend – helps keep me sane – thank you for the Divine Timeline and all the other help you’ve done for me.

Diane Stow: Contributed to a lot of the original writing on the peripheral pages and the Divine Disclaimer – great writer, great sense of humor.

Chef Bev: I just love Bev. She’s been a long, loyal friend.

Brandon Hall: For your friendship

Miss Becci S: For thinking of me at the right time, at the right place – Bette sending me a special video through you – I’m yours for life… To view: Click Here

I’d like to thank these people for their contributions, their support, and above all, their kindness to me: Bette Midler, Bruce Vilanch, Marc Shaiman, Richard Jay-Alexander, Eric Kornfeld, Jill Hattersley, Bette Sussman, Richard Knight, Jr., Jeremy Wells, Andy, Crystal and Katrin, Julia, Wendy Poo, Mark S., Spence, Stephen, Manny, Ms. April Maskiewicz, Rich Blumberg, Ms. Barbara Sussman, Rosalie Salimento (Mama Rose), Mikey Serensky, Eze, Julie, Kevin, Mark, Susan, Irin, Linda, Stella, Terri, Brian P., Jamie, Max, Nigel, Nicola, Prince Albert, BabyDivine Jane, Kathy Brown, Dana, Toasteater, Jonathan, Norbi, Janine, my family and my off-line friends.

And to all the BetteHeads who have helped in any way…I really appreciate it!

To all those who make comments…that’s contributing and I thank you very much!

If I’ve forgotten some people, I’m sorry…remember I’m an aging fart, and eventually I’ll remember you! And add you!

2 thoughts on “Special Thank You’s

  1. Fabulous. I am so proud of u. This is just unbelievably good. Bette is lucky to have u. I hope she knows.

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