At First Glance: The Uncorrected Proof of Mark Bego’s book: Still Divine

An advance unedited copy of Mark Bego’s new book, Bette Midler: Still Divine has fallen into the hands of a Bette fan of high standing…Mister D, Junior…of course I mean Darrell!!! This is what has been reported to me…remember this will probably be different than the book that finally is in your hands when released:

** The book has 21 chapters…

** 45 black and white pictures (most seen before)

** According to the press letter that came with the book, there should be an additional 24 pics…probably color…

** At the end of the book, as in his older one, there is a Bibliography, a Discography which included “some” of the singles, and even a few unreleased songs are listed as well…

** There’s also a filmography, including character descriptions and quotes. Her television specials, a tour listing – which are mostly misnamed…(eek)

** There’s a listing of websites, most of which don’t exist anymore, and a facts page which most of us have seen before:-)

** There’s a listing of all the girls who have been Harlettes, as well as a list of songs the author suggests for a new album. (interesting)

** Awards Listing Page

** An Episode Guide to Bette’s TV series

Hope this proves beneficial. Hope I didn’t spoil anything.

Thanks so much to Darrell….!!!!

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