BootLeg Betty

Does This Mean Bette and Cher are <i>Friends </i>Again

Well if Cher and Bette can be “friends”, then why can’t Mister D and the Northeast, dammit!!! It’ll take alot more than a big elephant, I’ll guarantee that…LOL

By Rita Zekas, Sleepy-time dads; red-hot mamas.
The Toronto Star, 11-03-2002.

Cher is a big fan of San Remo boutique on St. Thomas and San Remo proprietor Diana Alepian is a huge Cher fan.

Alepian even gave Cher, who collects elephants, one of her display models.

“Cher is polite and elegant and tells us this is her favourite store, ” Alepian says. “She buys gifts here. ‘Do you think this is good for Bette?’ she asked me. Bette Midler, wow!”

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