Another Catty Remark About Bette and Bonnie’s Split…Hmmmm

Excerpt from Roger Friedman, Fox News…He’s cattier than Cindy Adams…

Bonnie Bruckheimer produced Divine Secrets by the way, and when I ran into her last night she looked about 10 years younger than she did last year. It’s not plastic surgery. Her 22 year business partnership with Bette Midler is over. Bruckheimer is too nice to say anything, but I can tell you how she spells relief.

Divine Secrets, meantime, is for fans of Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes, which is a compliment. I thought Sandra Bullock was miscast, though, as Burstyn’s daughter. I’m a huge Bullock fan and keep waiting for her to hit a groove with great movies. The day is coming, but this isn’t it, at least not for her.

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