Something Chef Bev Might Want to Learn To Cook:-)

Dessert Delivery
360 E 55th St
New York, NY 10022

Dessert Delivery (Say It With Flour), a tiny bakery nestled in the oh-so-upscale Sutton Place area with the friendliest and most amusing owners, offers sinfully delicious pastries. The sign outside warns: “We don’t have anything calorie-free. We’re Still on Planet Earth.” Stop into the cozy room for strong coffee and tiny pastry “luxuries.” Joann and Sam Cohen will make you feel as welcome as the neighbor next door. Their chocolate cappuccino mousse cake was an award-winner at the Fancy Food Show and you’ll know why when you bite into it. The chocolate mud cake comes complete with a sign: “For Professional Chocolate Eaters.” Indeed, this is the kind of “mud” you will want to wallow in-certainly your mouth will savor the dense chocolate. As Joann admits, “We’re just up to here in cute.” Those who appreciate the cute, and the pastries, include Bette Midler, who comes in for the tangy lemon tart, and Harrison Ford, who has a box of tasty goodies delivered whenever he’s in town.

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