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Mister D: For those who don’t know, Ms. Chapman wrote, “The Color of Roses”. She resides in Nashville…and Bette has visited her here a couple of times…

Mailmusic: No wonder Elton and Bette are Beth fans

THERE’S a peacefulness about her stage presence that combines with a sweet voice and inner glow to make Beth Nielsen Chapman’s songs seem very special.

This performance, at times so mature and self-assured it had a Carole King quality, underlined why the likes of Elton John and Bette Midler dip into her material when they are looking for something a little different.

With only the multi-talented Will Kimbrough to provide backing vocals, some electric guitar clout and rippling little runs, plus a heavy drum machine on the rockier numbers, she set the contents of the latest CD, Deeper Still, out with honesty and, attimes, complete abandon.

It has been a while since I have seen anyone having such a good time on stage.

When she swapped piano for acoustic guitar, as if by magic, the vocal style changed slightly, too, to reveal a quality reminiscent of Sandy Denny.

Beth was at her best with the beautiful Every December Sky.

LOUDON TEMPLE, Mailmusic: No wonder Elton and Bette are Beth fans. , Sunday Mail, 12-08-2002, pp 24.

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