Teensy Tiny Ozzy-Bette Connection Again

Mister D: The first connection was when Bette’s assistant found Ozzy’s missing dog….this time, the despised neighbor of Ozzy has a small connection. From Undercover Media, Australia (?):

It has been revealed that the noisy next door neighbour of The Osbourne’s is one hit wonder Owen Paul.

In 1986, Owen Paul had a sizeable hit with ‘My Favourite Waste Of Time” and then we never heard from him again … until he decided to wake The Osbournes.

In series one of the show you see Sharon confront her neighbour in the middle of the night after their little midnight to dawn sing-a-long session. The sparring match end with Ozzy taking control of the situation by throwing a rock through the neighbours window.

Owen Paul did okay in 1986. “My Favourite Waste Of Time” went to number 3 for him. He didn’t write it, it was a Marshall Crenshaw cover later also done by Bette Midler, but it obviously earned him enough cash to acquire a Beverly Hills lifestyle.

Owen says he stepped away from music after his hit because he wanted to only continue to make music on his own terms. It looks like he has finally been granted those terms and has now recorded a new record called ‘About Time’. He describes the record as “romantic, heartfelt, meaningful, passionate and honest”. It obviously hasn’t been inspired by his run in with Sharon Osbourne.

By Paul Cashmere

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