Bette Included on Santa’s List: Santa Wants More Movies!!!!

For those whom we in the Islands know best, Santa is making rounds

By Wayne Harada
Advertiser Entertainment Writer

‘Twas the morn before Christmas
And all through Hawai’i.
Santa was gift-shopping
From Honolulu to Kaua’i.
He bought a bathing suit
For that Carrera miss, Tia.
‘Cause she was without a stitch on
In Playboy. (Mama mia!)

What else but a song
For Governor Lingle.
She was the belle of the voters
The one with the jingle.

For Ben and his Vicky
An after-hours club?
To do their karaoke-ing:
In the “Cayetano Pub”?

For maestro Sam Wong
A battery-operated baton.
One for Matt Catingub, too
To lead the ork in song.

For Don and Hoku
At last, that “together” CD.
And a new one for Jay Larrin
Or perhaps a DVD?

A Christmas concert site
For the Brothers Caz.
For Jimmy Borges
What else? But cool jazz.

For Auntie Genoa
Sturdy legs so she can stand.
After all, her falsetto
Is still best in the land.

For Amy Hanaiali’i Gilliom,
A starring stage role.
Like Loretta Ables-Sayers’
Remember … the one she stole?

For Ron Bright,
Another Paliku revival.
Maybe a musical from Castle
You know, something archival?

A round of applause
For Kelly Boy DeLima.
For chefs Chai and Keo?
A recurring ‘Ilima?

Top-rankings, hungry diners
For Mavro, for Roy.
For Alan, Padovani,
Wayne, and yes, Sam Choy.

More viewers for anchors
Like Moore and Gennaula.
For Akana, Moon, Ching
Leong … and that Dashefsky fella?

An occasional return home
For the Society of Seven.
A year-long Vegas gig
Surely can’t be heaven.

For Jim Nabors a lei
Of sweet-scented maile.
For sharing again
His yule ho’omalimali.

For Tino a gig
On the Las Vegas strip.
For Karen Keawehawai’i?
Rainbow eyelashes. How hip!

A stand-up return
For comic Andy Bumatai.
For brother Ray?
Good health. Can try?

For Lisa and Lee
The queens of stage pidgin.
For Peter Moon visibility
Just skosh, like a smidgin?

More flicks that score
For Jason Scott Lee.
And a batch for Bette Midler
To rekindle her spree.

Hot titles, big crowds
For Boller and Rivers.
They’re two island moguls
Who bring us film shivers.

For Ronald Andrew a musical
To jump-start our Blaisdell.
Wouldn’t “The Producers” or “Lion King”
Raise all kinds of hell?

For Jack and Maydelle
More cruises on ships.
For Jack and Cha Thompson?
Great diets, lean hips.

For Carole Kai,
Bright smiles, mint pills.
For Barry, Keli’i
No more musical ills.

An Elvis revisit
For Jonathan Von Brana.
For the Makaha Sons?
A “Bash” with the ol’ mana.

For Martin Nievera
A one-way ticket home.
For Fran Kakugawa?
A best-selling tome.

Gemstones for Melveen,
To spangle her art.
For Krush, convention work
Would surely be smart.

For keyboarder Kit Samson
Good health and good cheer.
For Al Waterson a gold mike
Would certainly be dear.

For Jake Shimabukuro
Uke strings that don’t break.
For Marcelo Pacleb
Choreography. Relate?

A global road tour
For prolific Makana.
For Jerry Santos, it’s simple:
A new disc with Olomana.

More songs on more shows
For that superstar Iz.
With TV and film blitzes?
He’s goosed up the disc biz.

For Martin and Rampage,
For Maltby and Smith?
Box office bonanzas
With a big Christmas wreath.

A downtown klieg light
For Wong and White,
For HTY’s Lutwak
A “home” wouldn’t be trite.

For Reign and Chant
DisGuyz and Na Leo
For Forté, Keahiwai,
Ongoing ‘olelo.

For Randy Smith,
More Blue Eyes bliss.
For Sonya Mendez?
It’s simple. A kiss.

For Charly, just happiness
On her wedding next year.
For Lina Girl, and Billy V
A hearty good-luck cheer.

More posse connections
For Perry and Price
For Paul Ogata,
Being tall would be nice.

For Augie and Lanai
For Frankie and Brick:
A pot of hot coffee
Will help do the trick.

For Ho’okena a chance
To star on TV.
For Millie and Frannie
More dining out. Whee!

A land-bound gig
For belter Nohelani C.
For Kevin Iwamoto
A songfest. Occasionally.

For Trent Nakamura
And Kainoa Goo.
More stage and TV bits
To tap their talent true.

For Jon, Leah and Suzi
A string of DVDs.
For Frank DeLima?
Easy! Just more BVDs.

For Tom, Bob and Tim
“A”-list attractions:
The Stones, Celine, Cirque…
Even the wrestling faction.

For John Hirokawa
More magical sizzle.
For Ten Feet, Sean, Tony C?
CDs that won’t fizzle.

For Willie and Keith
And Johnny Helm.
Residuals galore
In the million-selling realm.

A pikake lei
For Teresa Bright.
A genuine mahalo, too,
For Eddie Kamae’s insight.

For the “Nutcracker” crews
A hand-painted toy.
Your ballet each season
Brings good cheer and joy.

For you, loyal readers,
You Mr. and Ms.
Good tidings, best wishes
And that’s Show Biz …

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