Bette and Bag Snaggers…

The Bag Snagger is a new tool for arborists and citizen tree pruners designed to remove plastic bags and other debris from trees.

Able to reach heights of more than 40 feet, the Bag Snagger can get rid of virtually all unsightly bags which have lodged in trees in parks, along city streets, or anywhere trees may be threatened.

Bag Snaggers are now being used by a number of organizations in New York City including the Central Park Conservancy and the New York Restoration Project founded by Bette Midler. Click below to see photos of Ms. Midler and members of her group removing bags from trees.

Bag Snaggers are now available for purchase. The basic Bag Snagger set includes one 12-foot length fiberglass telescoping pole with a Bag Snagger attaching head (pictured here), along with four 6-foot fiberglass extension poles with snap button connectors and a rubber carrying strap.

Bette snagging a bag out of a tree:


Below is Bette with (l. to r.) Bill McClelland and Tim McClelland (two of the Bag Removal Guys) and Bette’s husband Martin von Haselberg:


Midler and NYRP Group holding the Bag Snagger:


The Bag Snagger

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