Midler on Producers of “Chicago”

Mister D: This is just a small excerpt from Today’s New York Times on an article discussing tonight’s “The Music Man” with the producers of “Chicago”, the movie, Bette’s “Gypsy”, and a slew of TV musicals since Bette’s ‘Gypsy’….Just wanted to show Bette’s respect for the producers….

IT was 1993, and the producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron had a mission: bringing Broadway musicals to Hollywood. But Hollywood wasn’t exactly begging to be theatricalized.

Finally, their only television contact at the time, who was at CBS, told them that they could do “Gypsy” if they could land Bette Midler. So they did. The resulting show earned big ratings and 12 Emmy nominations, and Mr. Meron and Mr. Zadan had found their niche…..


Their decisions suited Ms. Midler, who said “Gypsy” was “one of the best things I ever did.”

“If my legacy is that I made these two stars, I am incredibly flattered,” she said.


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