Thanks Penny: Bette Paper Doll


The ongoing success of Tom Tierney’s colorful and lifelike series of movie star paper doll collections assures the popularity of this newest edition, a tribute to eight leading ladies of the cinema in the 1980s. Each of the actresses appears as a paper doll with costumes from four different movies. Cher wears an elegant evening gown from Moonstruck; Geena Davis, bridal attire from Beetlejuice; Glenn Close, a satin brocade gown of the French Rococo period from Dangerous Liaisons; Michelle Pfeiffer, a Catwoman costume from Batman Returns; Dolly Parton, a cowgirl ensemble from Nine to Five; Daryl Hannah, prehistoric garb from The Clan of the Cave Bear; Jessica Lange, a sequined black crepe evening gown from Frances; and Bette Midler, psychedelic regalia from The Rose. Dover Original. 16 plates of 8 dolls and 32 costumes plus assorted accessories.

Can Buy Here: Glamorous Movie Stars of the Eighties Paper Dolls It’s only 5.95!!!!

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