New Things To Check Out…

Darrell has put up a Sneak Preview of a new project entitled “Miss M Photo Shop”, so check it out: The Miss M PhotoShop

All proceeds will go to Nancy’s Animal Care Rescue Fund…so check the page out to see how you can participate…Thank you so much….


I have added two more sections for you to check out: “Miss M Trivia” and “Books and Magazines”…..Books and Magazines is noteworthy mostly because that is where I will be stockpiling interviews from Bette from over the years…including pictures…

And while you’re here, don’t forget to vote in the “poll of the week” and if you haven’t done so…sign the petition to get some of Bette’s songs out of the vault…songs you’ve never heard before from the “Songs of the New Depression” period: Read and Sign The Petition

Thanks from Darrell and Mister D

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