Followers of fashion keep the faith as they keep warm

Hot and cold
By Lesley Kennedy, Rocky Mountain News
February 27, 2003

NEW YORK – The forecast at Fashion Week was clear: Micro minis, cropped pants and bare shoulders look sunny for fall.

But the audience there to see 90-plus fashion collections was left to battle the cold while watching America’s top designers parade their wintry wares two weeks ago.

Rather than beat the shiver-inducing trends to the stores, the fashion set was busy staving off frostbite as they bundled up, trying to keep cozy as they scurried from show to show.

We witnessed the women of New York and the visiting fashion press wearing lots of fur, both real and faux in the form of coats (long, short and stoles), hats (cute and cropped, huge and bushy) and scarves (simple or showy).

When the hat wasn’t fur, it was done in tweed, knit, corduroy or felt. Kelly Osbourne sported sweet Chanel earmuffs at Sean John, while Bette Midler chose a wacky knit cap to keep warm.

As far as coat styles went, when it wasn’t a full-length mink, it was shearling (either short, midthigh or ankle-length), leather or poncho styles. Vogue editor Anna Wintour chose extremes – one day it was a huge fur coat, the next a sleek satin trench.

Boots ranged from super-trendy sky-high stilettos to practical and rugged snow styles. Celebrities and editors with chauffeur service opted for stylish open-toed sandals, while subway riders played it safe in rubber galoshes.

For the most part, clothes were cozy. Sweaters and jeans ruled the rows, but at night, once the coat checks were open, fashionistas were seen in tight, long jeans, heels and itty-bitty tank tops.

Other trends: cargo pants tucked into boots; scarves of all sizes wrapped casually around graceful necks; long, dangling earrings; tunics worn over jeans; and pencil skirts paired with stiletto pumps or boots.

If runway fashions are really inspired by the women sitting in the front rows, next autumn’s skimpy styles could fall by the wayside.

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