“Take-A-Hike’s” Celebrity Bra Auction


On April Fool’s Day, Party Boy needed a breather from wartime worries. Fortunately, there were lotsa laughs at the silliest event of L.A.’s Fashion Week: The Frederick’s of Hollywood runway show! Instead of being gawked at, celebs like David Duchovny and Tommy Lee did the ogling for a change, as pouty models stalked the catwalk clad in the finest of trashy lingerie.

Even in this sea of see-through undies, nothing was more transparent than the lustful male guests. “I’m a lingerie lover,” enthused The Other Half co-host Dorian Gregory. “I’m here shopping for bras… for whatever occasion may come up. I have a couple of people I’m dating right now. I feel any gift that’s wrapped right makes the gift that much more beautiful. The anticipation of unwrapping it is a phenomenal ride.”

Ahem! Trying not to read too much into that, Party Boy blushingly moved on… At the bar, Bill Maher and Kato Kaelin chatted over Kahlua mixers. What’s the loudmouth pundit from HBO’s Real Time doing with O.J.’s infamous house guest? “I’ve known my buddy Bill for nine years,” Kato smiled. “I met him when he was doing comedy at the Improv once, and I said hi.”

If Maher weren’t so damn grouchy, I’d have warned him: “Sorry to be Politically Incorrect, Bill, but Kato’s bringin’ your personal stock down!” Basically, Kaelin spent the evening telling anyone who’d listen about Houseguest — his idea for a reality TV show where he turns up on strangers’ doorsteps asking to live with them. Party Boy hears you knockin’, blondie, but you can’t come in.

Onstage, SNL alum Kevin Nealon emceed an auction of wacky bras donated by stars like Sheryl Crow, Bette Midler (battery-operated feather blooms)and Lily Tomlin. (Garry Shandling’s “bramulke” — a brassiere with two Jewish yarmulkes for cups! — was a big hit.) Event chair Téa Leoni said proceeds will benefit her fave breast cancer charity, Expedition Inspiration Take-A-Hike.

Was Leoni’s hubby, David Duchovny, enjoying the endless parade of ladies’ lingerie? “No,” he grinned, “not more than is seemly.”

Speaking of cute skivvies, fans still ask Duchovny about his own — specifically, a certain revealing red Speedo he once wore in an X-Files episode. “Yeah, they really seem to remember that Speedo!” he said. “I think I still have it. Actually, I should’ve auctioned it off here. Maybe I could’ve financed my next movie with it.”

While cold water usually causes shrinkage for mortal men, Agent Mulder definitely didn’t have that problem. The secret of his virility? “I had the FBI pool specially heated,” Duchovny winks. “It was 102 degrees that day.”

Take-A-Hike’s celebrity bra auction continues online through April 15.


Description of Bette’s Bra:

Actress Bette Midler designed this spectacular sunflower design for this bra. Large sunflowers made of feathers are affixed to the cups of the bra. A happy bee in the center of each flower spins by battery operation. The side panels of the bra have alternating black and white strips made of sequins and trimmed with a feathering piping. A coating of golden glitter sets off the design. The strapless bra has a molded cup, an under wire and is handmade by Frederick’s of Hollywood. Proceeds from the sale of this piece benefit the Expedition Inspiration Take-A-Hike for breast cancer research at USC/Norris and UCLA Jonsson Cancer Centers in Los Angeles. Expedition Inspiration hosts local Take-A-Hikes to raise hope, awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

Notes: Actress, composer, producer and music artist Bette Midler has delighted audiences with her energetic style and command of her craft. She is a two-time Emmy winner, Grammy winner and has received an Academy Award nomination for her roles in “The Rose” and for “For the Boys”.

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