Updates 04-27-03

Greetings Bettelings!!!!


Well this week Ms. M got honored again and this time it was from Frito Lay…HEY, what you say? If you missed the article it’s titled: Bette Honored By “Organic Style” Magazine…it’s in the daily news section….in the magazine there was a typo…they said she was 48, but she’s turning 58….I say, leave it…she looks better than ever…

There have been spottings…like at the Annie Lennox concert at the Apollo and Bacharach’s music on Broadway, “The Look of Love”…so the girl is busy!!!

Also that little kewpie doll, Bernadette Peters is opening on Broadway with the revival of “Gypsy”…so you’ll probably be reading a lot of comparisons between all the great women who have played the role of Mama Rose…we know who is the best:-)

Kathy Bates won by a landslide as to whom you would like to see Bette work with in a movie….I think she must have treatened people with that malette…anyway, a good choice, and I think she is one of Bette’s fave actresses. To see the other results…just step into the voting booth and scroll down to see how the others rated.

The new poll is: Which Bette guest appearance/cameo in a TV Show or Movie is your favorite (non-musical)? So don’t forget to vote. I’m having a hard time coming with some polls, so if you have any ideas, PLEASE send them my way…I could use the help…

I noticed BMI and ASCAP are sniffing around my site, so they may be ready to shut me down for sharing music…not sure. I would like to keep turning everybody on to Bette’s music and to those that write alot of her stuff…so please do read about all these writers and if you like the way they sound…buy their CD…I even have an amazon search engine on the site. Anyway, hopefully, they won’t think I’m doing much harm. Or maybe I can pay their yearly fee if I can afford it…

Anyway, the new songs are up in both the jukebox and songwriter’s sections. And please don’t hold the Conway Twitty version of “The Rose” against me…he made me put it up (RIP Mr. Twitty, but your version is icky)

Two new articles: Well not really….just for fun I put up the transcript for the Seinfeld show Bette appeared on and the press release for her 2002 Preservation of Parks Award from Governor Pataki….that’s a keeper…you’ll find these under “Books and Articles”

Also check out Bette Midler’s Roses and Bette on the Boards. The first site has even more wallpapers. Also let Bruno know if you downloaded the screensaver and if it worked or not. Some, including myself, had a problem with that…

The latter site, well, little D has put up some more music reviews and will be featuring alot of the cover stories from Bette’s heyday in the 70’s and early 80’s…so keep your eyes out for that….very cool!

I guess that’s it…I’m worn out. I have started a teensy bit on Bruce’s page…you will definitley see it before he starts his tour with “Hairspray”…thankfully Darrell and my friend Chef Bev are helping me out…either with design or research. I’m the slacker 🙂

Everybody….you all have a wonderful week!!!

Love, Mister D

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