Wow! Even More Good News

Mister D: Not only is Bette making the “The Stepford Wives” with an incredible cast, but a CD, too!!!! With old piano player/arranger Barry Manilow himself at the helms….and of, course, we already knew about the tour. To those I’ve talked to with about this….here’s the momentum!!!

Cindy Adams
New York Post
May 2, 2003 — EVERYTHING’S coming up Bette.


The Divine Miss M, heretofore planting and seeding and raking and hoeing and gardening and beautifying New York, is returning to work. Apart from her concert tour, which kicks off in the fall, she’s gone back into the studio.

Assuming we were playing Trivia, the question would be: So, in those olden days of yore, before they became superfamous, back when Bette Midler was starting out, who was her piano-playing accompanist and musical director? The answer would be: Barry Manilow.


And that’s her partner on this new album. It’s Bette and Barry together again.

And guess what they’re doing?


Just guess.

You’ll never guess.

And that’s why Our Father, which art in the editor’s office, put me here. To bless you, my children, with this information. They’ll do an album of Rosie Clooney tunes. Sony Music.

One more thing. She just signed to do “The Stepford Wives” with Nicole Kidman and Glenn Close and Frank Oz directing. Paramount. Production starts in June.

Bette on Midler, kids.

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