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As if the week weren’t exciting enough with Ms. Midler’s appearance and announcements on The Caroline Rhea show, I was given even more information from my favorite man on who puts “ants in my pants!”…not sure what he puts in yours, but that;s between you and him!

Anyway, there have been rumours going around that Barry Manilow would be touring with Bette. Being blessed with tons of good sense (well most of the time), I just knew this wasn’t going to happen…but I had to clear the info up, so I went to Bette’s longtime friend, Mister V and he came through for us as usual…

Barry Manilow will not be touring as Bette’s musical director or even as her little old roadie:-) That job (musical director) will be filled by Ms. Bette Sussman, who has been playing for Ms Midler the last couple of years at many benefits. She played at NY NY Benefit for New York 2001 that I attended. She bears a strong resemblance to Ms. Carole King, but much more striking, or as Mr. V puts it…”a very glam version of Carole King.”

It was also relayed to me that not only will Mr. Manilow be producing Bette’s album; he will also appear on it. That should be fun to hear some duets! They are also heading into the studio this coming week to start recording. Hopefully this means the new CD will be out before the tour begins.

As always, Mr. Vilanch, thank you for keeping us up-to-date!

Last week’s poll voted me as being “Crazy” for asking ya’ll to eliminate “ONE” song so Bette could make room for new material. I’m not sure who is crazier….the fans just want More, More, More…that’s why stars get burned out, folk…:-) Anyway, the closest any song came to my position was “The Glory of Love”….you can see the results by going into the voting booth. I think Bette might have been the only one that voted to get rid of “Stay With Me”, since she says it makes her vocal chords bleed…but I’m a sadist and I say she has to sing that one:-)

The new poll makes you examine yourself….what character that Bette has played comes closest to your vision of yourself…I KNOW who the Mona’s are, but my lips are sealed…

New Songs are up in the Jukebox and in the Songwriters Sections…remember to check out the bios…I can’t say it enough. If you love Miss M, then learn about the people who make her tick, so to speak….

I guess that’s enough for now…I hope you all have a divine and productive week ahead…

Love, Mister D

P.S. Check out Bruno’s Bette Midler’s Roses; he’s put up his own remixes of a couple of songs. I havent been able to hear myself yet, but it should be a treat.

Also, my sweetie, Darrell has put up some new music and the old magazine archives are something else: Bette on the Boards

And I do want to clarify that Darrell is not a Justin Timberlake fan!!!…LOL I just painted him that way:-)

One more thing: Tom and Sam Miro have been sharing their paintings with me and I am really anxious to start making a page for them. Your stuff is awesome, guys!

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