Mandy Moore Makes EW’s IT List…


AGE 19 WHY HER? Legions of too-cool Gen-Yers no doubt have at least one album by Kelly Osbourne’s bosom buddy (and MTV’s favorite daughter) hiding in their White Stripes-infested record collections. And–sorry, Ms. Spears–Moore is a promising actress with no fewer than five films lined up for release. ROLE MODEL Bette Midler. “She’s a household name who’s stayed true to who she is. And Beaches! I mean…I’m gonna, like, tie my boyfriend [tennis player Andy Roddick] down and make him watch it.” BLOND UNAMBITION The natural blonde garnered plenty of attention–and a career boost–with her brown-out for last year’ s A Walk to Remember. “I’ll never go blond again…. As cheesy and insignificant as it is to say that you’ve found yourself in a new hair color, it’s the truth.” NEXT July’s How to Deal and the Michael Stipe-produced Saved, along with a pivotal role in Wes Craven’s latest horror flick, Cursed. Plus there’s a tribute to her musical forebears: Her October album, Coverage, features takes on songs by XTC and Cat Stevens.

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