The 3 Faces of Miss M…an original by an Original…BabyDivine Jane!!!


Scan and Design: BaltoBoy Steve

Mister D: Babydivine has been sick, and sick enough to send me this cute poem. Her own words are better: “I accidentally wrote a Bette poem so I thought I’d make u suffer by sending it to ya!”…Thank you, BDJ

The Divine Mrs VonHaselberg

Bette Midler
The Divine Miss M
Mrs Martin VonHaselberg.

A sleek black lime
Electric wheelchair
An unreliable Honda

Upper Fifth Avenue penthouse
Gay bathhouse on the wrong side of town
Walking the dog in the park.

Sexy designer evening gowns
Hot-dog suits, sequins, fins
Baggy old overalls.

Powerful voice belting out ballads
Loud, purring, risque jokes
Soft spoken politeness.

Irresistable smile
Larger than life
Petite, delicate frame

Concerts, albums, the occasional movie
Drugs, sex, rock n roll
Husband, daughter, library books.

Experience the Divine
Trash with flash, sleaze with ease
Shy, outspoken, “No litter, please!”

Goddess of the stage and screen
Last of the tacky broadway broads
“Fat, ugly Jewish girl from Hawaii”

Bette Midler
The Divine Miss M
Mrs. Martin VonHaselberg

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