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VH1’s 200 Greatest Pop Icons

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No this is not the caricature I saw…just thought ya’ll would like it!

Remember in my newsletter I told you I thought I saw Bette’s caricature in the ad for this special? Well, it seems it probably is not her. I was just at the bookstore and saw the VH1/People special edition magazine of the show and she was not in it….I came home and logged into Vh1 and found this:

“You can quote them in an instant, reference them with just one name, and even dress up like them for Halloween. In this always-expanding pop culture of ours, there are plenty of stars, but precious few icons. On its latest edition of the acclaimed Greatest countdown series, VH1 burrows into the pop personas that have made the ultimate impact; names so familiar they’re recognized and revered in the world’s most far-flung spots.

What makes an “Icon?” It’s not enough to just be famous or to have won a couple of awards. You have to pass one or more of the following criteria:
Do they pass the one-name test?

Can you dress up as them for Halloween?

Did they blaze a trail in pop culture?

Did they create a signature character in pop culture?

Can you quote them, or their character, in 10 seconds or less?

Did society imitate their sense of fashion? Hairstyle?

Did “SNL” create a sketch satirizing them?

Did someone write a song about them?

Was or is there merchandising or paraphernalia that bears their image?

Can they be connected to Kevin Bacon?

Too large to be a “100 Greatest” special, VH1 will expand its reach and recognize 200 of America’s most outstanding and outrageous personalities with “VH1’s 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons,” Each one hour episode is illustrated by celebrated artist Robert Risko, and will take a fun and lighthearted look at the individuals and moments that now live immortally in American pop culture. Risko accepted his first assignment from Andy Warhol and has been drawing the likenesses of hundreds of notables from the worlds of film, television, music and politics for over 20 years.

The 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons is wide in scope, accounting for television characters (Gilligan and Miss Piggy) cartoon crazies (Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo), Hollywood heroes (Rock Hudson and Jim Carrey), and of course rock stars (Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones). Hey, we’re even throwing in the Three Stooges somewhere along the line. Each will be the subject of a pithy profile that’s sure to reveal new tidbits of info while reminding you of their subject’s longstanding cultural significance. Each will be scrutinized by awed celebrities and witty critics. Along the way you’ll get new insights into how and why these gods and goddesses rose to the pop culture heavens.

Sex In the City’s Kristin Davis is your host through five night’s worth of intriguing installments. All-star interviews include Katie Couric, Jay Leno, The Osbourne Family, Hugh Hefner, Shania Twain, Denis Leary, Lisa Marie Presley, William Shatner, Susan Lucci, Britney Spears, Ringo Starr, Kevin Bacon, Penny Marshall and many, many more.

Each one-hour episode is a fun and entertaining look at some of America’s favorite personalities and features exclusive interviews with Hollywood legends, sports figures, TV stars, and musical icons. It is a celebration of the people and the moments that live immortally in pop culture.

So there it is. From Abba to Wonder Woman (no, there are no Z’s on the list), The 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons is coming to make sense of uber fame’s timeless nature”

Anyway if you check out their list she is not there, but look at some of the people that are: Vh1’s Top 200 Icons . I don’t normally get angry anymore about these stupid lists, but this one really gets my goat

Not sure if this is the right e-mail address, but it wouldn’t hurt to voice a complaint: Bette Midler Is An Icon

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