Stepford Wives Update: Must Say This Article Confuses Me

Mister D: Maybe they meant last days of shooting in New York. I thought there were more things to be shot at the Lockwood Mansion in Connecticut starting in September….oh well, we’ll know soon enough…..

Walken won’t walk off
New York Daily News
Sept. 6, 2003

Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler and Matthew Broderick are due to finish shooting their remake of “The Stepford Wives” tomorrow.

And, happily for director Frank Oz, Christopher Walken is expected to join them.

“Christopher Walken threatened to quit on more than one occasion,” says one spy on the set. “He has a clause in his contract that says that he can walk off the project if the script changes and he does not approve it.”

Two sources report that, in recent weeks, Oz and Walken had a shouting match in Oz’s office over Walken’s rewrite complaints.

Walken’s rep did not respond to a request for comment.

One insider, however, says, despite the cross words, Walken is now as happy as, well, a Stepford Wife.

Oz took two days off last week, citing the flu.

But our spy on the wall says, “He doesn’t have the flu. His assistant said he needed to collect his thoughts. Frank is having trouble making decisions, and all the demands from the cast are making his head spin.”

Having shut down production, another source vouches that Oz is now feeling well again and that he has a finished script.

“They’ve written the end of the movie,” says the source, “and [tomorrow], they’re going to shoot it.”

One silver lining is that crew members are surprised at the acting ability of rookie Faith Hill, the country singer. Her character meets a comic fate. Says our spy: “She malfunctions really well.”

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