Bette and Barry on The Today Show October 1, 2003



Surprise Announcement… Barry will be joining Bette Midler on October 1st on the Today Show. Check your local listings for details. (Thank you, Amy)

NYRP Tidbit: (Thanks Penny and Lady Puffy)

Donna Summer will be the featured performer this year. I don’t know if this means No Bette Performance, but more than likely I think a couple of duets would be in order…Tickets will start at 1000.00 again and there will also be a surprise celebrity auctioneer…

Don’t write saying Bette puts on a full performance every year, unless you consider one song a full set….think, Jackie Mason! 🙂

No matter…it’s a good cause whether you are going for the right reasons or not….

Love, Mister D

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