I Don’t Want To Die: Off With His Head, I Say!


New York Post
Sept 28, 2003
R. Johnson

NOT many people have the cojones to stand up to Christopher Walken, but when the scary actor insisted his character in the remake of “The Stepford Wives” should be spared his scripted death, producer Scott Rudin put his foot down.
“They were at each others’ throats,” our sources said. “Christopher wanted his character to not, um, expire. But Scott won out. [Walken’s] character is toast.”

Adding insult to injury was the fact that the movie – starring Walken, Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick and Glenn Close – is said to be seven weeks behind schedule.

But Rudin insists the picture is only two weeks behind schedule and that he and Walken are fine with each other.

“The incident happened two months ago,” Rudin told PAGE SIX. “It was about a change in the script that [Walken] didn’t want. But we haven’t fought recently because for the last three weeks, we have been working with a dummy representing [Walken’s] dead body.”

Although Rudin has a reputation for being prickly, his soft fuzzy side came out and he noted: “I have enjoyed working with Christopher Walken before, and I have enjoyed working with him now. Hopefully I can work with him in the future.”

The movie is a remake of the 1975 chiller starring Paula Prentiss, Katharine Ross and Tina Louise that spawned three inferior TV sequels.

The premise was that most men would prefer a wife who is a perfect homemaker and always obedient and cheerful, even if she isn’t quite human.

Meanwhile, The New Yorker is trying to figure out what a film’s “best boy” is and has sent an intrepid reporter to the movie’s set to find out.

“In every film credit there is a best boy,” our tipster said. “The New Yorker seemed to think that was a good story.”

The best boy is the assistant to the gaffer, who sets up the lighting. But after a week on the set, the New Yorker reporter might still be mystified.

Pranksters “have been delivering the best boy lunches on a silver tray and yelling to him that his limo is ready,” laughed our spy.

“They’re just messing with the reporter.”

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