Updates: 10-10-03

Too Much Information…Ya Just Gotta Come To Bootleg Betty and Read!!!!

New Music Up in the Bette Midler Jukebox….

New Music Up in Bootleg Betty Covers: This week features Ben Folds, Emmylou Harris, Helen Reddy, and a bonus track of a throwaway song I played, sang, and recorded: Billy Joel’s Temptation (yes, I’m a diva too!)

New Polls Are Up!

Last Weeks Polls Winners:

Favorite Sophie Joke by landslide: Ain’t Ya Got a Vase?
Favorite Dance Mix: To Deserve You and I’m Beautiful
Favorite DeLago Bit: Diva Las Vegas
Where Was Bette Born: Hawaii by a Landslide. If you voted New Jersey you are wrong!

Music Reviews: Billboard, Washington Times, Christian Science Monitor…also check out the reviews section where there are others.

There are some posts dealing with the Stepford Wives and even some behind the scenes stuff….

Alot of tickets go on sale tomorrow to the general public…you can see this list by going into the tour section of my site. Links to TicketMaster and Venues…make sure you know what you’re doing and prepare!!!

Very Important:

Some papers are printing misleadingly that Bette and Barry are touring together….this is absolutley FALSE


I have gotten direct confirmation on this from Mister Vilanch and Cyndi Berger, Bette’s publicist. Hardcore fans may know this, but the general population are going to be confused. So stop this rumour if you hear it….

Everybody have a wonderful weekend and good luck on your ticket buying…

Love, Mister D

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