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THEATRE: Shysters’ tale of doomed love is a rail treat
Evening Telegraph

IT’S all aboard for Coventry performers as they prepare for the end of the world in Tango Apocalypso.

The new offering from The Shysters is a story of doomed love set against a background of trains and railway stations.

They say the piece is inspired by the music of the Ladaaba Orchestra, the Kroke Band and American comedy star Bette Midler.

The Shysters have established themselves as some of the country’s most accomplished actors with learning disabilities working at the cutting edge and their productions have been variously described as “on the borderline of theatre, dance and mime”.

They have enjoyed success in the past with productions like Scary Antics and Fallen Angels and go out on tour with Tango Apocalypso this month and will be organising workshops around the production. Details from 024 7684 6747.

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