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A BaltoBoy Scan

Babs or Bette
Barbra Streisand falters with bland love songs,
Bette Midler bats Clooney out of the park
by Doug Rule
Published on 11/20/2003

Barbra Streisand poses bestride a film camera in a newly released Annie Liebowitz photo. But the noted filmmaker hasn’t made a new movie. Instead, Streisand’s released another high-concept album, this time one made up of songs from movies that have inspired her through her 40 years in the biz — and none of them her own. Too bad she wasn’t inspired by at least one mid-tempo movie song, or one with any real spark of energy. As it is there’s little in this mushy mish-mash of a collection to inspire the rest of us, starting with the highly uninspiring title — a better moniker could have been snagged from one of the album’s songs: “How Do You Keep the Music Playing? “

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