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Review: Bette Midler
December 1, 2003
By Mario Tarradell / The Dallas Morning News

The Divine Miss M pays tribute to the late Miss C in this charming, funny and musically top-notch album produced by the brassy singer’s old friend and song partner, Barry Manilow.

One of the disc’s best tunes features Bette and Barry doing a hilarious version of “On a Slow Boat to China.” They work well together, those two.

“Mambo Italiano,” with its infectious, rhythmic beats and sassy vocal delivery, will get you dancing.

And the slinky “Sisters,” with Linda Ronstadt on harmony vocals, seeps into your subconscious and never lets go.

You can hear Ms. Midler enjoying herself; there’s a joyful tone to her voice that tempers her usual big-and-bawdy persona.

The whole CD comes across as genuine and loving, particularly the ballads “You’ll Never Know” and “Tenderly.”

It’s telling that after years of trying to sound contemporary with easy listening fare or fun yet disposable disco-lite, Ms. Midler is at her finest on a record that harks back to the traditional pop material of her early years.

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