Bette Midler – Charity Auction! and More…Thanks Snook!


Bette Midler – Charity Auction!

Bid to win front section tickets and a signed Bette Midler picture – proceeds benefit charity. Bid on Bette Midler tickets now!

Go to Bette’s official site:

Also don’t forget to watch Miss M on the Barry Manilow Christmas special on
A & E: Live By Request! Others have seen some promos of Bette singing White Christmas in a red dress (via media magic) while Barry Manilow plays in the forefront. Should be a great show! (Thanks Manilow Elf)

Recent news has Bette rehearsing in Texas…don’t know which city…

Hopefully I’ll have some updates over the weekend…new music, polls, animation…

Don’t forget to check out Bette’s NYRP store and my own Bootleg Betty store…all proceeds will go to NYRP….

Have A Good Weekend!

Love, Mister D

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