Bette Bunking….

Date: 12/15/2003
Publication: People Weekly

Sure it’s fun watching Fred from accounting hit on the boss’s wife. But Bette Midler singing Christmas carols would spice up that holiday party too. Plenty of celebs are willing to perform at your home or office–for the right price and, in some cases, a place to sleep. (After a gig at a private home this year, Bryan Adams crashed on the couch.) Scoop asked Steve Einzig, who runs a celeb-booking firm, the going rates for private shows.


Rod Stewart: $500,000 Harry Connick Jr.: $350,000 Donna Summer: $200,000 Chris Rock: $200,000 Lionel Richie: $200,000 Bill Cosby: $150,000 Beach Boys: $100,000-$150,000 Sugar Ray: $100,000

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