Here Come’s The Judge: Judge Judy on Meeting Bette

Ms. Cindy Adams

BETTE Midler’s concert in cludes a taped Judge Judy shtick. “It came about when we were both in L.A.,” said Judy. “Eight months ago our friend, agent Toni Howard, asked us to dinner. Then Toni got the flu and couldn’t make it. So we said, ‘Well, we have no flu so why don’t we make it?’ Bette had an idea. She said, ‘Let’s do something about CBS suing me for bad behavior over my now defunct sitcom last year. Like, for undercutting its success by badmouthing the program. And you give me legal advice.’

“I said, ‘Sure.’ I love Bette. She’s very talented. So while I was taping, she brought a crew over to my set and we did it.”

Judy’s family: husband, children, grandchildren, number 11. All were Bette’s guests at Saturday’s show. Judy, by the way, sported an ankle-length cloth coat lined in her late mother’s late mink coat. Mama passed on in 1990. Judy earns $25 million a year, plus whatever she saves on coats.

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