Bette Say No “Box Sets”…Say It Ain’t True Miss M!

Rocky Mountain News
No box set for Bette

Don’t be looking for the definitive Bette Midler box set anytime soon. She is adamant that she’s not going to shake down her fans with endless reissuing of her past work.

“I could, but to me it’s just technology. If they want my stuff, my stuff is available. It’s just another form of packaging. I don’t need my fans to spend another 150 bucks on (garbage) that they already have in another form. I mean, Beaches is Beaches. It’s not going to have MORE Beaches.

If I want the Beatles Anthology, I’ll just go to my record collection. I don’t need Box Set Beatles, Gold-Plated Beatles. It’s a changing technology, but the content remains the same. Just because it’s a little clearer doesn’t mean it’s any better.”

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