Bette and The Burger Lady (Thank you Kathy)

This from the Rocky Mountain News-

Bet on Bette. During her Sat. night concert Bette Midler urged Denverites to support a woman who hands out burgers to the homeless on the 16th Street Mall on Friday nights. The vague reference got swallowed in the spectacle of the show. But the “burger lady” Laraine Joy arrived at her post at the Mall early Friday night. While waiting for the free burgers from McDonald’s, she handed out
coats she had collected and cookies. A woman in a baseball hat, sunglasses and pigtails watched from a few feet away. “I hollered, “Hi, how are you?” Joy said.

The mystery woman motioned Joy over. They started talking and Joy suddenly realized she was yakking with the Divine Miss M. Midler motioned for Joy to keep her famous face on the QT so she wouldn’t get mobbed. She asked me
questions about what I was doing, and she told me that she thought it was wonderful, Joy said. She pulled out her wallet, took all the money she had, stuffed it in my coat pocket and left.

The Divine Diva took a moment out of her concert to encourage people to look for the “Burger lady” and contribute to her cause.

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