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‘Artists for a Cool Planet’; American Forests & Danby Refrigerators Create Utilitarian Art with First-Ever ‘Art Coolers’

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–American Forests, the nation’s oldest nonprofit conservation organization, has teamed up with Danby Refrigerators to produce the ultra-hip, ultra-chic, ultra-cool program, “Artists for a Cool Planet.” Under the direction of American Forests, ten renowned artists–from landscape photographer Clyde Butcher to world class surfer/painter Christian Riese Lassen–have created original paintings and photographs, to be reproduced on refrigerator doors. For each Danby Art Cooler(TM) sold, American Forests will plant ten trees, thereby giving back to the environment and fulfilling American Forests’ mission to cool the earth with trees.

These environmentally sound “utilitarian art” refrigerators (including standard refrigerators, compact refrigerators, and keg and wine coolers) are the first of their kind. The marriage between American Forests and Danby combines art, refrigerators, and trees through a unique synergy: art is cool; a refrigerator is cool; and trees cool the earth. The first ten Danby Art Coolers(TM) will be unveiled on Tuesday, March 2nd at the O.K. Harris Gallery in Soho, New York City. The Danby Art Coolers(TM) will be displayed among a small forest of trees; the invitations are actually seeds that when planted will grow into trees, and all food served will be the by-products of trees. One hundred of each edition of the Danby Art Coolers(TM) will be offered exclusively at

For the artist Hope Eksten, who with Michael Dringenberg created “Dad’s Dino Dream” for the project, “Artists For A Cool Planet” was the perfect opportunity to fulfill her artistic vision. “My goal is to improve the quality of life for people through creating art and products that make the connection between utility and emotion,” she says.

Says Jeff Meyer, director of American Forests’ Historic Tree Nursery: “The ten trees that will be planted as part of the “Artists for a Cool Planet” mission will offset the carbon used to run the Danby Art Cooler(TM) over its lifetime – thereby contributing to a cooler, healthier environment while still meeting the consumer’s need for a compact refrigerator, keg cooler, or wine cooler. The sales of Danby Art Coolers(TM) will help American Forests reforest damaged ecosystems. The aesthetic beauty that these refrigerators offer at such affordable prices will make having these coolers a necessity in every household. Not only does “Artists for a Cool Planet” bring together artists and environmentalists, it encourages care for our environment and our future.”

Jeff Meyer is the director of the American Forests’ Historic Trees project, which helps support programs to plant trees in cities and on damaged public lands, and author of “America’s Famous and Historic Trees.” Meyer has taken two of his passions, history and trees, and combined them by growing and selling the direct offspring of historical trees. He has planted trees using seedlings from a southern magnolia tree planted behind the White House by Andrew Jackson, a water oak tree that Helen Keller studied as a child, and seeds from the last surviving Rambo apple tree planted by John “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman. Jeff has planted trees with Tom Cruise, Bette Midler, Don Henley, Norman Schwartzkopf, Robin Williams, Val Kilmer, Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, every President since and including Ronald Regan, among others.

For more information, visit or call 800 320-TREE (8733).

American Forests, founded in 1875, is the national nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to trees and their role in growing a healthier world. Our vision is that every community in this country would enjoy the benefits provided by healthy urban and rural forest ecosystems. It provides for people to take action and learn about the importance of trees and forests through national and international initiatives such as our Global ReLeaf, Wildfire ReLeaf and Historic Trees programs. For more information, visit or call 800 320-TREE (8733).

Danby is one of the largest household appliance manufacturers in North America. It offers an extensive line of products such as compact refrigerators, air conditioners, apartment-sized refrigerators and niche appliances to suit the lifestyles of today’s consumers. Danby was founded in Canada in 1947 and has since expanded across North America, opening its US corporate office in Findlay, Ohio in 1992. Danby’s commitment to innovation and quality appliances is what makes it a market leader in the 21st century.

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